Strolling through life!

Hei everyone!

I have officially started the countdown to our short trip to Greece. We are staying in the little fishing village Nea Skioni, where I lived with my family from I was 5 until I was 6 years old.

The little village church outside Nea Skioni

nea skioni

It is now only two days left, and I have slowly begun thinking about what to remember NOT to forget when I am packing.
I’ve been traveling quite a bit alone with Nicholas, we’ve been twice to Norway and once to Gran Canaries. All in all that is 10 flights on our own, and with Kenny we have also been on one road trip to Norway , flown Toronto and done another road trip to Montreal!! So it is safe to say that we have gotten some packing experience! I find that there is so much more to think about now that I am traveling with a baby. One has to remember bottles and pacifiers, diapers and stroller, and a whole lot more. No more last-minute packing for me!

So here are a few of the items I have assembled so far

  • travel bed
  • sun screen
  • beach tent
  • swim ring
  • umbrella stroller
  • sun protection suit

The biggest list is of course the list of things I haven’t packed  (because we need them up until the very last day) but still are important to remember. Well, well who cares, I bet we will remember most everything anyway! And whatever we forget we can probably get there!

Today the weather has been terrible here in Stockholm. It has been pouring down all day, and we have spent most of the day inside. Something that is becoming more and more difficult!Nicholas has so much energy that it is hard to keep him occupied and happy in the house. When we go out I can just plop him down in the sandbox and he can play for an hour with the sand, and then if, and that’s  big IF, he gets bored I just take him to the swings for a while. And at the end of the day he is so tired and worn out after his time at the park that all he wants is to sit on my lap and read a book. Which by the way is one little thing that just warms a mama’s heart!!

On days like today though, when all we do is play inside he is more difficult to please. He gets bored more easily, and cranky faster. Most of the day has been spent with us “play chasing” him around the house. He looks at us with the most mischievous grin, and we say “I’m coming to get you!” at which point he crawls away as fast as he can, squealing at the top of his lungs. Until he stops, turns around (to make sure we are still chasing him) and the whole thing is repeated. This is one of his favourite games, along with grabbing the remote and pushing all the buttons.

After spending most of the day inside we all got a bit antsy, so we drove to Barkarby (20 min away) and exchanged the umbrella stroller we had originally bought

Babytravel Bangkok

for another one.

babytravel bombay

The reason we changed it was basically that the second one collapses much smaller than the first one , and since we already have the Bugaboo Cameleon

Bugaboo Cameleonwhich when collapsed was the same, or maybe even smaller than the babytravel Bangkok we just decided we needed something even smaller to bring on vacation!

Now I’m heading off to bed, and I am actually going to try NOT to read anything tonight and sleep, just like normal people do at night!

Good night everyone!

Blog to you tomorrow!



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