Life is not always a walk in the park

Hei everyone!

We were not as ” weatherly-challenged” today as we have been the last few days, which basically means that it hasn’t rained! So Nicholas, Kenny, Charlie and I went to the park to burn some of Nicholas’ excessive energy!



It worked wonders let me tell you, cause now he is upstairs sleeping like an angel<3

Ahhh the joys of motherhood, who would really think getting the little angel to bed is one of the nicest rewards of your day? No, really, I’m serious! It is great to spend time with the little ones, but it is also equally great when they are finally put to sleep, safe and snug in their beds

Nicholas first night at home

and one can get some treasured one-on-one time, or even some even more treasured ALONE time! This mythical alone time is actually something that I don’t see to much of since I live so far away from my family, and to make matters worse Kenny’s family as well

! So here we are, living in Sweden all alone (well we are sharing Sweden with about 9.3 million other people as well, but they don’t count!) far away from both our families, and thus far away from all potential baby-sitters! This makes it just about impossible for Kenny and myself to go out without bringing Nicholas, and as much as I love him, and I do love him more than anything in the world, it would be nice to once in a blue moon get the chance to just be a couple on a regular date, that doesn’t have to take place before 9 o’clock (Nicho’s latest possible bedtime) and that doesn’t involve going someplace loud where they either;

A. Have high-chairs

B. Have place for stroller

C. Have play area for kids (McDonald’s springs to mind, but Ken doesn’t eat that kind of food so that’s a no-go. Not to mention that McDonald’s could only be a 13 year olds choice for a romantic date!)

In other words, one on one time in any way shape or form is not a very common occurrence in this household. Don’t get me wrong, it has happened, we have been out a total of 5(!) times alone since Nicholas was born,

Pictures from one of the few times we have been out.

none of these times have lasted more than 3 hours, or have happened before I have put him to bed myself. So you be the judge of how much they count!

Well, this is the life of a football players wife, and it’s the life we have chosen to live, and I’m not complaining! I love our life and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forwards to my mom visiting in July for 2 weeks, and being a willing and able babysitter!!! We are definitely going to take advantage of that!A

As for alone time for me, I’m working on it:) Ken doesn’t mind at all if I go out on my ow, and he watches Nicholas. But to do which happened to be at gröna lund!that I would have to have somewhere to go- and right now most of the girls I know here are either pregnant, or have kids, not to mention that they are all in the same situation as us. So social outings tend to happen very rarely, and are usually limited to things we can take the kids to! I will hereby work to remedy that- let the guys take the kids and us go out I say! As soon as my vacation is over I’m definitely going to arrange something!

Now on the other hand, I am going to sit back, relax and read “Don’t Breathe A Word by Jennifer Mcmahon, so far a veeery good book!


Blog to you soon!


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4 Responses to Life is not always a walk in the park

  1. Malin says:

    Maria, jag hoppas att du förstår att du bara kan fråga mig om du o Kenny vill gå ut på tumanhand, ensamma 🙂 Jag barnpassar mer än gärna!! Hoppas ni får en fin semester nu!! Vi ses när vi kommer hem igen!! KRAM Malin

  2. lene says:

    Så fin ny blogg du har laga Maria 🙂 Kjempe artig å lese om dokker liv i Sverige. Håpe vi ses i Tromsø i nær framtid.

    Så stor Nicholas har blitt!:)

    Klem fra Lene

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