Mothers day

Hei Everyone!

Today is a special day here in Sweden, it is Mothers Day! My second one actually and so far it’s been a good one too ūüôā Kenny woke up with Nicholas at 9.30 and I got to sleep another hour before they came in and woke me with a pretty mothers day-card. I also got some money to go buy myself some clothes for our vacation, which is exactly what I wished for! No flowers this year as we are leaving tomorrow and it would be such a shame for the flowers to wilt away and die while we are gone!

After getting up we had a nice breakfast of healthy pancakes and home-made strawberry jam. (which was more like a strawberry sauce since I’m not to fond of the actual strawberry lumps, and just blended the whole thing smooth!) I make the jam without any sugar, and sweeten it with some no-sugar added apple-juice instead. It tastes really good, and is much healthier than the store-bought jam both for us and Nicholas.

Last night Nicholas woke up at 5 am because he was hungry (he didn’t want anything to eat before he went to bed, he was so tired) I had a bottle ready that he was supposed to have drunk before bedtime, so I took that upstairs and sat with him snuggled all nice and warm in my lap, and actually thought to myself – even as tired as I was, that I kind of missed the time back when he was little and would wake up a few times a night and I would¬†breast-feed¬†him and we would snuggle a bit while I burped him and before he went back to sleep.

Nicholas about 3 weeks old. Late at night when I was so tired I'm almost sleeping, but I was enjoying his warm little body against mine so much that I didn't want to put him down!

Day time snuggle with Nicholas 11 days old

Nicholas is growing up so fast, and he rarely wants to sit in my lap for more than a¬†second or two now. The only snuggle-time I get is right before I put him to bed when he sits with me whilst I read and sing to him. So it actually felt good when I gave him that bottle last night. Just one of those little things you know…

Not saying that I would want him to wake up every night, but last night was nice.

My Baby Boy and Me


It’s three AM, they’re all asleep,¬†


and no-one’s here to see.
As we rock slowly back and forth,
My baby boy and me.

His little hand is feather light
Tucked up against my chin.
I hold his tiny hand in mine,
and stroke his baby skin.

The house about us creaks and groans,
The clock hands creep around.
He snuggles closer to me still,
And makes his baby sounds.

I love these quiet hours so much,
And cherish every one.
Store memories up inside my heart
For lonely nights to come.

All too soon he’ll be grown up,
His need for mama gone.
But until then I still have time
For kisses and for song.

Time for quiet hours like this
With him cuddled in my arms,
Where I wish he’d always stay
Protected, safe and warm.

And yet I know the day will come
When his tiny little hand,
will be bigger than my own.
He’ll grow to be a man.

But until then he’s mine to love
With no one here to see.
As we rock slowly back and forth,
My baby boy and me. 

(Author Unknown)
No I have some tidying up and packing to do! And when Nicholas wakes up from his nap we have to walk Charlie, and go shopping! Hope all of you Swedish moms are enjoying mothers-day as much as me!
Blog to you later!



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One Response to Mothers day

  1. siv says:

    Hei, kjempefin blogg og flotte bilder av Nicholas. Nå sitter dere vel på flyet på vei til Hellas. Håper dere får en flott ferie, selv om den blir kort.
    Klem fra mamma

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