Vacation Bliss

We got back to Stockholm at 10 am yesterday, after spending something which felt like the whole night travelling. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’ll start with the beginning instead!

We left for Greece early Monday morning. Early enough that we had to drop by Starbucks for a Venti Caffe Latte to keep sleepiness at bay. The Starbucks at Arlanda Airport is the only one in Stockholm, so I always treat myself to a coffee there whenever we are going somewhere.

Nicholas reading his book whilst I am enjoying my coffee

we flew via Vienna to Thessaloniki

Nicholas was in excellent form during our two flights, and made friends with the older couple behind us.

and arrived to somewhat dodgy looking weather. Overcast but warm and with rain clouds lurking around the edges of the sky..

We got our rental car, met my dad who came in his car, and off we drove towards beautiful Halkidiki.

My dad driving ahead in his car

Nicholas just woke up from his almost 1,5 h long nap

Nicholas and me in the back seat. Almost there...

When we finally arrived in Nea Skioni we went straight to the room,

the building we stayed in

dropped all our stuff and headed for the beach.

It was only 2 p.m so we had plenty of daylight left 🙂

That evening we went out for dinner, and Nicholas was up until 11.45. without one complaint in other words he took to the greek lifestyle instantly!

Finally holiday-time! It felt so good just chilling out, going to the beach and enjoying time with each other and my dad.

We woke up around 9 every day went straight to the beach, and didn’t go home until 7 p.m. Nicholas still loved the baby pool I bought in Gran Canaria, and we brought it along to the beach everyday so he could play in it and wouldn’t take off to swim in the sea..

Nicholas took his two naps in the stroller underneath an umbrella

And we drank countless Frappes. A greek ice coffee that is delicious in the warm weather, and can be found in every shop and restaurant around Greece

And contrary to what I-weather told us, we had beautiful weather every day except for 3 hours on saturday morning when it was raining hard.

Well we spent those hours packing anyways, so we didn’t mind!


We had a great time in Greece, and I just wish we could have stayed longer. I’ll come back with more photos and tell a bit more about what we did tomorrow!

Blog to you soon!


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One Response to Vacation Bliss

  1. siv says:

    så fint at dere har kost dere, ser deilig og avslappende ut med lite folk rundt omkring 🙂

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