Happy Birthday to you Charlie!

No, not our dog Charlie! But Kenny Pavey and Danielle’s Charlie! He turned 3 today, and we were invited to his birthday party at a play land in Bromma at 4 pm.

I was so sure I knew where this play land was, so off we went; Kenny, Nicholas and myself. Too bad I knew the general area in which it was located, but had no clue as to where it really was!! We ended up driving up and down the same streets just about a million times in the worst rush hour traffic before I decided we needed to go the exact same route as we usually drive home from Bromma Blocks to find it, and lo and behold we found it at last!

The party was great, and Nicholas enjoyed it so much!! Last time we took him to one of these places he was a bit overwhelmed and just sat there watching the other kids. Not so today! He was crawling around, over and on top of everything he could reach, and has definitely not inherited my fright of heights!

All the grown ups relaxing whilst the kids were running wild!!

He played until he was so warm that he had to toss his shirt! So did most of the other kids as well. It might have something to do with the weather here being amazing and just as warm as in Greece!!

Warm enough for me to wear this!

Maxi Dress from Marked at Gran Canaria // Bag from Random Store in Nea Skioni // Shoes from Marked Gran Canaria

Kenny was super today, he spent the whole two hours we were there playing with Nicholas so I could catch up with the girls! Perfect!! Although I have an inkling he might have done it because he enjoyed the bouncing castle and ball pits as much as the kids.. In fact I must say that all the men did a great job today, so we girls could just sit back and relax! Thanks guys!!

blog to you soon!



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to you Charlie!

  1. Emma says:

    Indeed the boys did do well – good thing too as there was no way i was getting on that bouncy castle in that heating with this belly!

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