Vacation Bliss Part II

So here comes part two of our holiday adventures!

As I said we woke up early every day, well relatively early for staying up quite late that is. Not early as in 7 am, more like 9 am.

Nicholas is ready for the day to commence!

We would then collect all the stuff we needed for the beach, which was quite a lot of stuff as we would spend the whole day there.

We would bring

  • Sun Lotion for us and Nicholas
  • Beach towels
  • Nicholas’ bucket, shovel and other play things
  • Nicholas’  baby pool
  • Nicholas’ “swim seat”
  • Beach tent (just so that we would have more shaded areas for Nicholas to play
  • Food and Snacks for Nicholas
  • Water
  • Stroller and Blankie
  • Books and Kobo
  • Sun Protection Suit
  • Diaper Bag
As you see most of the things we brought are for Nicholas as you have to plan ahead if you want to spend the whole day at the beach with a little child or toddler. Sun protection stuff is essential, as are umbrellas so that there is shade for the little one to sit in as much as you can convince him to sit there! I would put his little baby pool under the umbrella
as he spent most of the day climbing in and out of it and throwing sand in the water, that way the stuff he was most interested in was in the shade, and consequently he would spend most of the day under an umbrella.

Nicholas ready for the waves!

I had bought a sun protection suit in Sweden (they don’t even know what it is in Greece, let alone sell them) but I managed to forget it at home so the first two days Nicholas wore a AIK jersey to protect him from the sun.
He became quite the little maimoudaki (monkey) while we were there and loved climbing the tables..
Then I met an English girl, Katie, that lives in Nea Skioni with her husband and two sons. She actually had a sun protection suit in Nicholas size that her youngest boy had grown out of, so she gave it to us! So nice of her!! After that and a hat was what Nicholas wore everyday at the beach.
He also loved to climb the sun beds. And got some new friends!
Nicholas loved staying at the beach, and would keep himself occupied most of the time, but from the area where we “made camp” he could see the play area in the distance, and every so often he would get it into his head that he wanted to go there, and would just take off at full speed, and we would just have to jump up and follow him.

greek construction, the slip and slide has about a metre drop at the end of it!! It's like a ski jump, if we let him go he would go flying!! So of course we didn't...

Spending the whole day in the sand ultimately meant that Nicho consumed his fair share of sand
But he didn’t seem to mind the crunch!
We enjoyed the beach just as much as him
The water was cold. Well maybe not cold, but not 29 degrees celsius like the water in the pool at Gran Canaria either, so I was quite reluctant to go in. I think I was all the way under only two times!! Nicholas didn’t find it to cold though, he would quite happily sit in his little yellow swimming seat and splash his hands while Kenny and I passed him back and forth! I didn’t get any pictures of that though, only video…
The beach tent we brought from Sweden was a great investment. We would put it down, facing whatever breeze there was so it wouldn’t get to hot.

Kenny taking a nap in the shade

Around lunch time we would go to one of the many tavernas that lined the beach promenade, and eat delicious Greek food
Nicholas would enjoy a game of peak a boo with his feet
And after lunch we would head back down to the beach.
Ahhh, what a life!! I feel so blessed that we have the chance to do these things, go on vacation and enjoy ourselves together as a family. We are lucky!!
I actually lived in this little village when I was 6 years old, for about 10 months, and I have so many happy memories from my time there. Memories that include swimming in the ocean until late October, going to school and not understanding a word they said, picking lemons off our neighbours lemon tree, and eating honey still warm, straight off the comb. The last something that I really suggest everyone try, it is absolutely one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted!
We used to go there for vacation every summer after. But it had been six years now since my last visit. Things have changed immensely.
There used to be no tourists at all, and most of the roads weren’t even paved back then. Now there is plenty of tourists, courtesy of the new and beautiful hotel that has been built smack dab in the middle of the town.
But essentially the village-spirit is the same, and my dad still knows most of the villagers, and they all hug me and kiss me when they remember me.
(Translation of typical conversation with old Greek women) “Maria, the Norwegians’ daughter? The one who had a twin? Oh my I remember you when you were just a little thing.”  
It is such a relaxing place to be with kids. It is so small that you do not have to worry about letting them run free in the evenings when you are eating.
I remember all the “moonlight walks” (yes, we actually named them that ourselves when we were 10 or so) that I used to take with my Norwegian family friends that had come with us on holiday..
I actually turned 25 on june first, and my dad had arranged a little surprise for me. My nonos (godfather) his wife and son came down from Kalikratia where they live to celebrate my day with me.
They gave me a lovely pair of earrings and Nicholas a beautiful gold cross. From Kenny I got the pink watch you can see on the pictures above. I had wished for one I can use when I am working out, and this one goes perfectly with my pink adidas runners!
We would go out and eat pretty late every evening, around 9.30 most days, and stay out until 11.45. Nicholas found something he loved more than anything to do, and he would point insistently on it every time we walked past, or sat anywhere around that area.
These were his absolute favourite, he would insist that we walked over and patted every animal here, and he would point at their noses and ears and mouth. And then when we walked away he would waive to them. When he actually rode them he would have the funnies expressions on his face, a mix between absolute terror and joy. Probably a bit how we feel when we get on the scariest roller coaster…
Close to Nea Skioni only a 10 minute drive over the mountain is the much bigger town of Hanioti, and 15 minutes away lies Pefkohori which is even bigger.
We drove to each of these towns a few times and enjoyed knowing that we didn’t have to stay in these much more tourist-infested towns. It was nice to have a look around though!

No it is NOT my picture that is crooked it's the lamp post!!

Sight seeing anyone?? Did I mention that this town can be walked through in 15 Min??

American style corn (pop corn)

...And Greek style corn. Corn on the cob (kalamboki)

We always made these little trips when right before Nicholas second nap, that way he could play a bit, and then go to sleep in his stroller while we had a coffee or an ice cream.
Every day Kenny and I would plan that my dad could stay in with Nicholas so we could go out and have a glass of wine (me) and a juice (him) but we only managed to actually do it one time! We were too drained from the sun most days to want anything but to sleep!

The one night we made it out, and hung out with my friend from back in the day Jonas, another half greek like me.

We ate out every night

Giannis, another half Norwegian that is born and raised in Skioni

We also visited the tiny church that lies outside the city, and where Virgin Mary’s footprint is located.
We had such a great time, and I just wish we could have stayed longer. I can’t wait to go back, and hope I manage to do so before another six years pass!! One can live a long time on these relaxing vacations!
I know this was massive post everyone ! Hope you enjoyed the photos!! And please do comment guys! I had 130 something readers yesterday, and one comment! I would like to know who it is that is reading my blog 🙂 And if you yourself write a blog I would love if you left a comment, and the address of your blog so I can check it out!
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11 Responses to Vacation Bliss Part II

  1. Randi Nordmo says:

    Prøvde å sende en kommentar om de flotte bildene og det fine reisebrevet du har skrevet, men det kom tydeligvis ikke gjennom. Kjempekoselig å se og lese den fine bloggen din. Nå har vi fått Even, Kristin og Trym besøk, – enda en skjønn hjerteknuser som vi er glade for å være oldeforeldre til. Vi har vel vært heldige!

  2. Kristine says:

    Så gøy å lese og å se bilder Maria, du har en finfin familie!
    Du er så flink til å holde oss oppdatert 😀

    ha en strålende dag, og hilse familien 🙂

    klem fra Kristine

  3. Emmey going barefoot says:

    Ahhh Maria this was lovely and you have some seriously good skills in the photography department. I am so glad you had a lovely time and you and Ken got some quality time together – sooo important when you have little ones.
    Oh and happy birthday – why didn’t you say to day when I saw you! Now we really have to fix something x

    • Glad u liked it:) i guess i should try to edit the photos more- but its so darned time consuming!! And yes! We definately have to get together the girls for a night out:) xx

  4. Hei Randi Maria!
    Jøss, det var litt av noen reisebrev og med så mange utrolig flotte bilder!
    Calemaris og salat, mmmmmmmm
    Skioni ser jo kjempefin ut nå, strandpromenaden er blitt lekker.
    Hvordan er det nye hotellet og event andre overnattingssteder? Lov å kaste papiret i do?
    Prinsen er jo bare en hjerteknuser! Kommer dere hjem i sommer?
    Ja, nå ble jeg skikkelig sugen på en Nea Skionitur igjen, tror sikkert det er
    8-10 år siden vi var der sist.

    • skioni har forandret seg litt ja 🙂 det nye hotellet tror jeg du kan finne på nett, det er ganske fint tror jeg!! ellers kryr det jo av rom til leie, så det er aldri noe problem å finne noe!!

  5. giannis marougas says:

    hehe a photo of me is on your blog 🙂 it was nice to see you after a long time and it was nice to meet kenny an Nicholas..!your photos are really good, and people that don’t know skioni are going to think that is even more beautiful than it really is..!! hope you had a good flight back home and that is not going to be a long time to see you all again!!

  6. Kessy says:


    I’m always happy when I read your blog.
    you write really well.

    Isos wrethoume kapia mera,…
    Tha xeromouna polli…..
    many kisses from Germany

    • Voula Im happy to hear it!!! I hope we will meet soon too! Come visit me in sweden! not too expensive to fly now?? and there are flights from frankfur here to stockholm i think!

  7. siv says:

    Flotte bilder, får lyst på en tur til Skioni selv. Når det gjelder Hanioti og Pefkohori så er det større steder i den forstand at det er masse flere hus, tavernaer og folk på sommeren. På vinteren er det faktisk flest fastboende i Skioni 🙂

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