Good Summer Salad… and baby steps

Yaaay! Today was a small step for human kind, but a big leap for the Stamatopoulos-family as Nicholas took his first stumbling steps! I counted 3 and 4 steps, and not just once, but MANY times! A New Era is dawning as Nicholas is leaving baby-hood well behind and stepping,pun intended, into toddler-hood. I must admit I was one proud mamma!! He might not be the fastest of the kids when it comes to walking, but I really haven’t minded at all. I have loved all the different stages of transportation he has gone through. From rolling (yeah, really!!)

The rolling days (plenty of rolls as well)

to the “army-crawl”- which he favoured for a long time,

Army-Crawl in Montreal

Army-Crawl back home in Sweden

crawling on hands and knees,

Crawling on his birthday

and now to soon being able to walk. Each and every thing has been amazing on its own, and now that he is taking his first steps I find myself a bit teary eyed and nostalgic for “the good ‘ol days” when he was little, and defence less, and completely reliant on me… Well I shake it off and welcome change, and welcome the fact that I have a healthy thriving 12kg(!) boy, who is not scared of exploring life on his own as long as I am there beside him, well more like behind him, to lend an ensuring smile when he encounters something new. He is really the happiest little boy I could ever wish for, and he is growing up so darn fast! I am so thankful that I have the chance to be there with him and for him and experience everything through him! Being a mamma is even better than I though it would be!

Today it is exceptionally warm here in Stockholm, and quite humid too, thus the only thing I can stomach eating is yummy salads. And I must admit, I’m usually not a big fan! Here is the recipe for one tasty, garlicy chicken salad which I had for lunch today

Maria’s Summer Chicken and Garlic Salad

Lettuce and Arugula
Cherry Tomatoes
mozzarella or Feta Cheese
Red Onion (if you like it)
paprika (if you like it)
Chicken in slices, either Grilled chicken or chicken filet
Some cooked and cold pasta (optional)
Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A little bit of Balsamic Vinegar (Optional)
1-2 Cloves of Minced Garlic
a pinch of Salt
a pinch of Pepper
Oregano to taste
Make the dressing first my mixing all the ingredients in a glass and stirring it so that it mixes.
Then make your salad in a bowl/plate, slice the chicken and mix with the salad,
and drizzle it all with the dressing. 
P.s You can really put whatever you fancy in the salad, the actual trick is the dressing and the chicken which gives it all such a good taste!

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One Response to Good Summer Salad… and baby steps

  1. siv says:

    Gratulerer med en liten som nå kan gå 🙂 Ja, nå blir det å springe bak han ei stund for å følge med. Husker godt når du og Dimitri begynte å gå, da ville dere stort sett være på farta hele tiden. Den høsten vi var med dere i Hellas når dere var 15 mnd og ikke ville sitte i ro, var kanskje den mest hektiske ferien jeg har hatt noen gang. Og vi har jo hatt mange “slitsomme” reisemåter og ferier mens dere var små, men det var alikevel ikke noe i forhold til å måtte følge med to stk som var på oppdagelsesferd hele tiden 🙂
    Salaten din så riktig så god ut. Foresten så hadde vi sommer i går, og idag er det meldt over 20 grader så vi koser oss veldig nå. Klem fra mamma

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