Another Day In The Sun..

Ahhh, there is nothing like Stockholm in the summer, and summer has really hit us good and hard. Kenny had training today, so Nicholas and myself met up with the other wives and kids and hit the outdoors pool at Huvudsta. They have both a kiddie pool and a full-sized pool there, it’s lovely and surrounded by big lawns and trees.

Kiddie pool at huvudsta

It was amazing!! The kiddie-pool was so nice and warm, and even has a really shallow end where Nicholas could crawl on his hands and knees, he loved it, and so did the other little ones it seemed cause the pool was full of laughing and splashing little kids. Lovely place and lovely company.

After enjoying the whole morning there we met Kenny around 3, and our day of bathing continued as we walked over to Kungsholmen to another park with a baby pool. On the way there we passed one of our favourite places here in Solna, the 4h farm. A city farm that has sheep, goats, ponies, hens and bunnies.

The sheep pen. Look, the playground is right beside it!

Nicholas loves looking at the animals so we had to stop for a while.

I really love this little farm in the middle of the city. I want Nicholas to be around farm animals even though he is growing up a city boy.

I think it’s good for the kids to see where our food comes from, and to learn to respect and love all types of animals, not just cats and dogs!

when we got ready to leave he started wailing like a banshee. And I had to force him back in his stroller.

He just wants to stay with the animals all day long, and lovely as the sheep are, I can only stay there for so long!

We also stopped for a coffee for me, and smoothie for Nicholas at my old favourite coffee shop in Kungsholmen.

Nicholas sucked up the whole smoothie in about 5 min..


This pool was not as busy, but just as warm and Nicholas is soon going to sprout fins as many hours as he spent in the water today.

We took turns going in with him, but after a while I we were so sick of being in that pool that we inflated the good ol’ backup…

Summer is such a great time of year, and I’m so happy to be making memories with Kenny and Nicholas even if they at this time are more for us than for him…

I try to capture as much as possible on my camera so he can see pictures from his time here in Sweden when he gets older. Time goes so fast, sometimes I wish I could just freeze it for a little while to really have time to enjoy these moments. Let them sink in, and keep them somewhere stored in my brain forever. ‘Cause when I look back at pictures now, from last summer when Nicholas was just a little bitty thing, it’s hard to recall how it was to hold him, and snuggle his little body close. I can’t really fathom that a person can grow so much in a short year! It feels like we soon will be dealing with a cranky teenager who never wants to spend any time with us at all!

We stayed in the park until 6.30 when we walked towards home, and Nicholas passed out in his stroller. Now he is playing on the floor, Ken is on the balcony barbecuing some food that smells delish, and this day will end just as good as it started!

Blog to you soon!



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5 Responses to Another Day In The Sun..

  1. IngeborgTG says:

    Maria, jeg synes du tar kjempe fine bilder! Håper du tar å printer de ut og lage album (mener å huske at du er flink til slikt!) Mamma lagde mange fine album fra min oppvekst, og det setter jeg så utrolig pris på- er så kjempe stas å ha minner fra tiden som har gått. Så jeg støtter deg i å ønske å ta vare på de minnene dere skaper i Sverige:)

  2. Linafoto says:

    Svar: Tack 😀 Jag använder Canon EOS 7D och Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 mest 🙂

    • selv har jeg Nikon D5000, problemet med det føler jeg er at en må gå inn på menyen for å stille inn ting, en har det ikke “på fingrene”
      skulle gjerne vært flink med photoshop også 🙂

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