Daddy is Nicholas’ hero

Thanks guys! I guess all of you who popped by my blog before the game the other day must have sent loads of good-luck-energy our way. The game was held in beautiful weather and went great.

Before the game we met Maria Joy,

Maria Joy last time she was visiting

who came from Norway to stay with us for a few days, at the T-bane station right outside the stadium. We walked over and managed to only be 10 minutes late, which actually is quite good as I tend to be quite late every game. There is something wrong with me and punctuality after I had Nicholas. I just can’t seem to be anywhere on time!

Nicho and I usually sit inside the restaurant during the game, in the beginning this was because he was so little, and the noise outside is ear-splitting.

Nicholas about 4 weeks old

Now it is because the carpeted floor inside is prefect for my little maimoudaki, or monkey,to crawl, roll and play on.

Nicholas around 6 months old

Not to mention that I have a continuous supply of coffee throughout the game…

With time Nicholas has become quite the seasoned “game goer “(yeah, yeah not a word but still) He pays close attention to what is going on at the pitch, and even follows the ball with his eyes.

He likes to watch the black army the AIK fan-club,and claps his hands and dances to their chants..

I kept him strapped in the stroller for the whole of the first half. That is the ONLY way I actually get to see any of the game, and since all the other kids were sitting outside it was way easier. During half time all the other moms and kids came up stairs, and I had to let him out so he could play with them. Safe to say I didn’t really see much of the game after that, Nicholas was everywhere, he just started walking a bit, and was trying to walk all the time, which is quite the hazardous endeavour when all the older kids are playing catch! Click this link to see it :

The older girls like to take care of Nicholas, and Jessie plays with him so good!

Nicholas feeding jessie

The last 15 minutes we went outside on the stands. When the team is winning I try to do so so Kenny can take Nicholas out on the pitch when they thank the fans.

The older kids running around after the game

Kenny with Nicholas after the have made the round

After the game we always get delicious food made by the teams chefs who also run a successful catering company. And all that running around gives a healthy appetite! Both for the players and the kids.. as for me, I don’t have any excuse other than that the food is devilishly good.

Lilja enjoying the fruit

And begging me to be allowed to take ONE picture..

The picture she took of Lucas, who really didn't understand what was going on...


Now I am going to go outside and enjoy the nice weather some more!

Blog to you soon!



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4 Responses to Daddy is Nicholas’ hero

  1. Emmey going barefoot says:

    Wow finally a chance to catch up with the blog Maria and check out the fabulous pics – you have a real gift for photography you know.
    Wasn’t it a lovely day and even with it being a late game I thought the kids behaved so well 🙂

  2. Stine says:

    kommentaren skulle egentlig på innlegget under 😉

  3. Stine says:

    åhhhh.. de bildene er så utrolig fine Maria !! Spesielt det i kirken der Kenny kikker bort på deg. Det blikket som sier “jeg er sÅ heldig ” er så skjeldent, og så rørende, så nå griner jeg litt da vettu 😉

    Du har så fin blogg Maria ❤

    • Takk søte deg! Jeg er sikker på at Kevin blir til å sende akkurat samme blikket til deg 🙂 er vel en av de dagene man mest tenker over hvor heldig en er som har funnet noen å dele livet med.. Jeg gelder meg til deres bryllup!!! det blir stas:D

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