My Joy is gone!

No, just kidding, a little pun on my friend Maria’s middle name Joy. She just left to go back to Norway today after only spending a measly 2,5 days here.. Next time I hope she stays longer!!

We have managed to do quite a bit of enjoying ourselves in those days though. The first day she was here we spent in the park from “dusk till dawn” – well maybe not literally, more like from 11pm to 7pm, but still a good chunk out of our day. Kenny came and BBQed with us towards the end of the day.










Then we figured that we would go out, but ended up staying in instead since we were both drained from the sun we had baked in all day.

Then yesterday came with overcast weather and small rain showers, so we took the subway to Gamla Stan to have a look around there, and somehow time just passed too quickly, and we missed the chance to go to Gallerian or NK, the two major shopping centres in the city, cause it was too late!

We went home and Kenny stayed home with Nicholas while Maria and I went to the city to T.G.I Friday’s to eat some yummy food and drink some even yummier drinks.

It was so nice to get out of the house a bit,and have some time in other female company without thinking about Nicholas’ needs all the time. Being able to enjoy silly conversation and just hanging out.Had a great evening, and came back around 1 am,a bit tipsy, and very happy.

Thankfully Nicholas slept until 9.30 today, so I didn’t have to wake up to early. Sometimes it’s just great to have a kid that loves to sleep!

After taking Maria to the subway today Nicholas and I went to Kyrkans Öppna Förskola here in Solna, and spent the day playing with the other kids(Nicho) and chatting with the other moms (me). They had singing today, which Nicholas LOVES, so we had a great time there. Nicholas is practising walking more and more now, and is getting a bit better, and more reckless with each day that passes. No careful shuffling of his feet for this kid, he tries to run straight away!!



If there is one thing I miss living here and not in Norway, other than my family, it is good friends! The kind you can tell everything to, and the kind that phones you too, not always expect you to take contact or arrange something… I miss having more of my own life, not that I don’t have one, I do, but that life revolves around Kenny’s more than I would have liked it to.

Back in Tromsø I have my own friends, I had my university or job to go too, and my family to see. Here it is different. Since I’ve been on maternity leave the whole time we have been here I only have the friends I’ve met through football, and they are lovely girls all of them. But their kids are older, and thus they actually work! My one fellow “WAG” (don’t approve much of what the word entails, but it is short and easy to write) that had a girl only a bit older than Nicho moved back to Finland right after christmas, so no more hanging out with her… And THIS  really is the backside of the medal, the one that does affect us wives more than it affects the guys, who always will have team mates to hang out with, THE MOVING.

God I don’t even like the word any more. It used to be an exciting and promising word,moving, one thinks of exotic places,new things to explore and do, new people to meet, new apartments, new neighborhoods, new, new, new!

Well quite frankly I am sick of new, I am sick of living in hotels for months while you look for an apartment (Fredrikstad)  or out of suitcases (the oslo apartment only had one measly closet), I am sick finally starting to like a place and then move, I am sick of never wanting to settle down too much in case one has to pack up the stuff and take off again.

In the 4 and something years Kenny and I have been together we have lived in 3 different countries, and in 5 (!) different cities. We have moved an astonishing  6 times,if you count moving from one place and back again after being “loaned out”, and I am quite sick of the whole thing! In football you make friends with the other wives and girlfriends on the team, as these are the ones you see every week at the games, and who also usually have just moved, or know what it’s like to be new in a team. But you also lose them as fast as you make them, their husbands get sold, or your husband gets sold, and off they or you go..

I have met so many wonderful and amazing ladies over the years. In Toronto there was Jocelyn, Carrie and Laura. Whom I celebrated american thanks giving with, and hung out with almost daily. In Fredrikstad I had some good friends that i knew from before, in Oslo the same And in Tromso I have met some of the best girls ever! We were all/are all still such good friends, and we used to hang out so much and do so many fun things together as a group that I still miss them so much. I guess the only consolation is that most of them have moved on as well now, and play in other cities in Norway.. Here in Sweden I a great group of girls, and I am so happy that a few of them are going to have babies soon so that they will stay home too!

I guess I am rambling on here, but what I am trying to say is that friends, good ones, are hard to come by, and that football is an ever-changing world, with people coming and going left and right. And that I am so happy that we have 3,5 years left of our contract here in Sweden so I actually get to put down some roots! And that I hope that the group of girls that are here get to stay so they can put down some roots with us! And that I love my best friend Amrita so much,

Amrit and me back in 2003 when we worked together on Hurtigruta







because we don’t have to speak every week in order to still start from where we left of last time, or in order for her to still be my very very best friend. I miss her every day and wish that life hadn’t put us in two different countries!

I guess my conclusion is :

Cherish your friends old and new, and take care to stay in touch with the ones you love regularly, even if it is just a text message or a quick note on facebook. Don’t be afraid to approach new people to make new friends, chances are they have space in their life for one more. And don’t take for granted that connection you sometime feel with someone, the one that makes you feel as if you have known them forever even if it has just been an hour. You never know if this person might be one you will still share stories with when you are 75! Take care of your friends!!

End of rambling.


Make sure you check out Game of Thrones, the new big thing from HBO, Amrita plays Irri. I am so proud of her, watch out one day we will go to the Oscars together where she will be nominated for best female actress ❤

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3 Responses to My Joy is gone!

  1. Emmey going barefoot says:

    Gorgeous post Maria – and so so true. And I would call more often if my speakers on my stupid phone worked (can’t talk privately on speaker phone!) or if Helgi could be commited enough to one place to get a landline contract!

    • hahaha 🙂 hopefully when u get vacation u will have more time, and as for the phone I’ll tell u about the deal i have, which is pretty good and cheap as well ❤

  2. joy says:

    It was sooo nice seing you again! I pr
    omise to stay longer next time xo xo Maria .

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