A (not so) Ordinary Day

Today has been one of those completely ordinary days, that really don’t warrant a blog post at all. Yet, here I am posting about my day, I guess as a way of remembering, recording and looking back on the day in order to sort out those little things that made it a special day after all.

There was:

Waking up by my phone ringing, and it turned out to be Kenny who was in a hurry to leave and needed me downstairs 10 minutes ago…

Coming downstairs and seeing my little boys face light up with joy at the sight of me, and crawling as fast as he could towards me, wrapping his little chubby arms around my legs and giving me cuddles…

The same little boy giving me a sloppy open-mouthed-tongue-out kiss on my lips…

The much neater kiss from my husband.(note to self; don’t forget how nice kissing actually is!)

Enjoying my breakfast consisting of copious amounts of coffee and cottage cheese (yeah I know doesn’t sound very good, but I have a thing for it) whilst Nicholas was enjoying smearing his breakfast all over my arms…

Taking my little boy to the open daycare and see his little face shine with excitement even before we came through the doors, and thinking it was worth waking up and going down there looking like a slob a thousand times over, to see that expression again…

Taking a tired boy home many hours of play later to find that my husband had tidied up and vacuumed the whole apartment. The bliss of knowing I didn’t have to!

Seeing the expression of pure happiness mirrored in both men of my life’s faces at the sight of each-other, and feeling Nicholas lunge for his daddy…

The 2,5 hour afternoon nap Nicholas took whilst Kenny was walking Charlie, and I was doing absolutely NOTHING (reading doesn’t count..)

The delicious chocolate muffin I shouldn’t have eaten with my large caffè latte at the mall…

There was enjoying doing nothing at all but still finding many special moments when I look back at it, and thinking how very lucky I am to have such a great little family..



Hope you all can look back at your day and find little moments and things that made it special as well.

Nicholas helping me with my blogpost a few mornings ago


With love


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3 Responses to A (not so) Ordinary Day

  1. niki says:

    You’re too cute, Maria. You should right your own book !! xo

    • Hahahah I don’t think so. But it is nice for people to be able to know what we are up to over here in sweden 🙂 How is wedding planning coming along? Become a bridezilla yet?

  2. siv nordmo says:

    alltid god å sette pris på hverdagen, mye å glede seg over 🙂

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