Riddersviks Gård

It has been such a grey day here in Stockholm, drizzling rain, clouds that feel like they are going to come down and swallow the entire city, and the bummed out mood that sometimes goes hand in hand with rainy days in the summer.

Kenny had the day off,but actually has had quite a busy day anyway. He woke up with Nicholas so I could sleep in. I had the worst night in forever yesterday. Nicholas has a fever that came on during last night, and was up several times during the night. He didn’t cry or anything, but he did talk, a lot, and woke me up each time. In the end I figured out that he had to be thirsty so I had to wake up to give him something to drink.

After finally getting up around 10.30 we ate breakfast together, and Nicholas and myself went to the open day-care so he could play a bit with the other kids. He was in a great mood, and didn’t feel very warm at all. The reason he has this fever now is that he went for his shots about a week ago, and the Dr. told me that this particular shot shows a fever reaction about a week later. And it did come right on the 7 day mark. I guess it’s good though, it shows that the vaccine worked. He has been in good form and eaten his food all day, so you can tell that it hasn’t bothered him much at all. In the time we were there Ken got the laundry done (something we usually do later in the evening, but since we weren’t going to stay home he did it earlier) then he walked Charlie.

In the evening we went to celebrate Lee Baxter’s 35th birthday at RiddersvikGård.

Riddersviks Gård in the winter

Riddersviks Gård as seen from the water

A beautiful old mansion from around 1700. Great food and great company in beautiful surroundings. I love all these wonderful old mansions that are dotted along the Swedish coast..Almost makes me wish for another wedding so I could have it at one of them! hmmm, maybe out 50th anniversary can be celebrated at an old Swedish mansion, or why not a castle..

After eating a yummy barbeque meal we went to Karin and Lee’s house with some of the other guest, for coffee and cake, and we ended up staying until around 11. Nicholas was up the whole time and enjoyed playing with all the other kids sooo much. His favourite girl, Jessie Pavey was there with Kenny, Danielle and Charlie, so he was well taken care of…

It is so nice when a day that starts all grey ends in such a nice way, and you can go to bed  feeling that maybe a bit of rain once in a while isn’t so bad after all.


Now we can start looking forwards to Midsummer which will take place at the Baxter house as well!! Maybe I will even remember to bring the camera then, so I can actually post some pictures!!

Bedtime for me!

goodnight ❤

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One Response to Riddersviks Gård

  1. siv nordmo says:

    høres ut som en hyggelig bursdagsfeiring. Nå er kl 0400 og jeg har enda 4 timer igjen av vakta. Tenk nå er det bare drøye to uker før jeg er i Stockholm, håper på litt sommervær der da. Gleder meg til å se dere, klem

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