Literally Ass Backwards

It’s hard to decide what makes the blog, and what gets left out.I really can’t even begin to put every little experience we have, and revelation I’ve made on any given day, in to one small post. So at the end of each day I sit down by the computer and decide what to write about, what of all the millions of small things to choose to keep for posterity.

I have this idea of myself  and Kenny at the age of 80 and 86 going back and reading what I wrote about our life all those years ago, (actually it is being read to me by my private nursing-robot (they have replaced human workers in nursing jobs) who magically pulls the posts up in to thin air and has MY recorded voice reading it out loud) and thus being able to remember these moments that I’ve deemed “special” or maybe even “mundane” enough to put in to writing.

I also have this idea that these posts might make me remember more of what went on “behind the scenes” the little things I did not choose to write about, like for example the fact that Nicholas had a veeery bad smelly poo diaper today, and that I made Kenny change it by throwing the “I-Change-A-Million-Diapers-A-Day-Card”, or the fact that Charlie (our dog) hid himself under the bathtub so I wouldn’t be able to leave the house (he knows he has to go in the kitchen in order for me to leave), and how in the end I had to pull a dirty “come for a walk Charlie” trick on him in order to get him out from there. Come to think of it I seem to pull a lot of tricks on the men of this household…

The point is that it is difficult to choose what to write about, and I might just be getting it ass backwards, kind of like this

Where did the head go??

And just like Nicholas, totally miss which end has the head, and which has the tail. And therefore end up writing about the stuff that I would remember no matter what, and forget to write about the things that I will otherwise forget.. if you understand what i mean?

I guess sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and write whatever comes in to your head..


Today was not an action packed day at all. We took it easy in the morning as Nicholas still had a fever.

Move mamma, I can't see Handy Manny (the current favourite along with Chugginton)

Nicholas has quite the stubborn streak at the moment, and knows how to let us know what he wants. He has a weapon of mass destruction, it’s called”crocodile tears”, and he is NOT afraid to use it!

well to his credit he has been feeling under the weather all day, and I cry easier too when I am sick!

    At least he has the decency to let me know WHY it is he is to upset, this time he saw daddy trying to put new batteries into the old Frappe whisk we have, and wanted to hold the thing. Well since it turned out to be broken, we let him.

I believe in trying to teach my child that he can’t have everything he points at, but at the same time, if it isn’t anything that he can break, or that is dangerous, I let him explore it. I would want to hold something cool I’d never seen before as well.

And bless his little heart, he shares with us too


After Nicholas nap he was fever free, and seemed to have too much energy, evidence of that was strewn all over the living room, as he managed to open the bottom drawer (that I have taped shut…) and throw ALL of out papers out of it in the two seconds I left the room.

So we took him in the stroller and went for a good long walk with Charlie, that ended up at the park where he got  to climb, crawl and walk to his heart’s content..

peak a bo mamma. Stairs are fun!!

Kenny has just as much fun as Nicholas..

It is not easy balancing on the sand.. But he is not afraid to give it a go. And watching him I find myself cheering for him just as much as I would if I were watching someone balance on a tightrope 50 meters up in the air. It is just as nerve wrecking and exciting to see if he will make it, and when he will fall..

I ask for the uttermost silence as Nicholas the Walker, tries something he has never tried before.. The walk from the slide to the post, in sand….. Drum roll please….

Oh no! Is he going to make it…..

He made it!!!

Applause for the amazing. The one and only, Nicholas the Walker!!!!


He also went “mountain climbing” .With not very much success might I add, turns out Adidas shoes are not very great climbing shoes 🙂

He went on the long time favourite The Swings

On a very scary motorcycle ride..

AND last but not least horse back riding with daddy..


We had fun!

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4 Responses to Literally Ass Backwards

  1. Stine says:

    Masse fine bilder forresten!! spesielt det ner han kikekr mellom de plankene, det burde du bestille i plakat

    • takk stinemor 🙂 vet bare ikke hvor jeg skulle hengt den plakaten 😀 alt for liten plass når en ikke har hus.. er det rart å være tilbake i leilighet nå eller??

  2. Stine says:

    Maria, du skriver så bra!! og morsomt !! sitter og småhumrer for meg selv når jeg leser om roboter og bleieskifting 😀 Og kjenenr meg så igjen når det kommer til det blikket- jeg skifter alltid-DIN TUR. ha ha ha..
    Ha en fin dag, gleder meg til neste innlegg 🙂

  3. siv nordmo says:

    så fine bilder :I

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