A Real Midsummer’s Night Dream

Yesterday was a magical day! We woke up late, and after breakfast Ken walked Charlie for a bit over an hour whilst I started making Nicholas midsummer “crown”. Usually it is only the girls that wear them, but after asking at the open day care they all said that it was perfectly fine for a little boy to wear as well. I made sure to choose some flowers that were “boyish”, in green, blue and white. If we had lived somewhere with a garden I would of course have picked them myself, but since we don’t I had to buy them at the store, and they didn’t have much to choose from so I had to make do with some flowers that weren’t ideal for “braiding” the crown with. Ideally they must have long, soft stems so that they don’t break. I only found one bunch like that, the rest were too stiff. So I also had to use some copper wire to hold it all together. I liked the gold so much, that I wrapped way more around than I needed 🙂

Here is the finished result lying on the diaper bag ready to go to Karin and Lee’s house

When we got there Nicholas put his crown on

I even picked his shirt so he would match the flowers! I think he looked so cute!

We arrived at Karin and Lee’s house around 1.30 and they had set up a nice big table outdoors on the patio, so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the day.We ate delicious strawberries with a choice of cream or Ice-cream.

Xana's strawberries

Let me tell you, those Swedish Strawberries are really sweet and good!

Charlie Pavey enjoying his strawberries

And the kids played in the backyard

and even though it looked like it was about to rain, the weather just got better and better, and in the end all the rain boots, rain jackets and the rain-cover for the stroller weren’t needed. Nothing better than packing loads of stuff you don’t need, it at least beat the hell out of not packing all those things and then needing them!

Around two o’clock we walked down through the forest, past meadows with grazing horses,

on a long, narrow road

To get to the place where the traditional midsommar pole (maypole) would be erected. In  a small clearing surrounded by woods, right by the water.

The kids each took a prime spot on one of the guys shoulders and watched in awe as the pole went up

Charlie Pavey took Helgi's shoulders

Xana took daddy Lee's shoulders

Nicholas is trying to show them how it's done


Then we had  a really nice picnic with rose wine, coffee, cake and biscuits whilst we waited for the dancing to start.

There is something so beautiful and magical about enjoying an outdoors picnic with friends and loved ones. The kids were running wild, and the grownups enjoyed lots and lots of friendly chatting and bantering, the air smelled sweetly of cake, wine, flowers and that particular green smell of trees. It was lovely!

Soon we heard the sound of music starting, and we could see a long chain of men, women and children holding hands and winding themselves down towards the maypole and slowly,slowly building a whirlwind of people snaking around and around the huge pole. There was nothing to do but join in!

This is Kenny’s picture of the people lining up to get close to the pole.

Nicholas and I are dancing around and around

By the end of the dancing which I ended before it was over due to my aching arms, Nicholas does way 12 kg.I was tired and warm and so full of happiness over enjoying such silly dancing to funny songs around the maypole. Nicholas was ready for a nap. All that dancing and clapping got him tired!

We stayed at our picnic spot for another hour or so, and then made our way back to the Baxter residence to start getting the food ready, and the barbeques lit.

The men enjoyed playing some football

whilst Karin and I finished up things in the kitchen

Nicholas enjoyed playing with Jessie’s stroller

Danielle got things set out for the kids so they could eat first

and we finally found out how many men you need to barbeque some meats

And when the kids finally sat down to eat they went quiet… the kind of quiet that means that they are enjoying the food too much to talk ,and that all the running around outdoors the whole day has given them a voracious appetite. They were so cute there they were sitting at their little “big-kids” table

And when the rest of us sat down it went quiet for a bit too, as all of us took the first bite of our delicious food, and then the talk and laughter broke loose as everyone commented on how good the food was, how good the wine was, and how good the company was. Toasts were made to the hosting couple, and wine was drunk. It was beautiful…

After spending an hour or so at the table we spread out across the lawn, and in to the neighbours lawn as well as the game KUBB was played with great gusto from both young and old, the guys went back to their football playing, and I just sat there and enjoyed it all so much.

There is nothing better than spending a beautiful day outside with friends, good food and delicious wine. I put Nicholas to bed in the guest bedroom, and sat with Danielle just enjoying the fact that he was sleeping soundly, and that the other kids were busy playing. We could sit and chat without interruptions, and when Karin announced around 10pm that the cake and coffee was ready, the darkness and the chill that comes with a setting sun, had crept up on us. The extra pair of sweats and shoes I had brought

and the white fleece blankets Karin supplied came in handy as we sat down to enjoy the marvelous strawberry cake

and would you believe that the kids were still sticky and warm from all the running around!

the cake was delicious, and the coffee too. The feeling of hot coffee as it hits your palate after a sweet piece of cake is just heaven!

We ended up staying until around 11pm, and the only reason we left then was that the boys had training in the morning, and needed to be fresh and rested..It was a great day, in great company, and hopefully a new midsummer tradition.


As for today it has been one of those lazy days so far. The rain was pouring down earlier, and both Nicholas and I was tired from yesterday so we decided to spend the morning inside. He is sleeping now, and Kenny too- so after I’m done with this post I have some laundry waiting to be folded and a vacuum-cleaner to drag around the house before we go to the play land this afternoon.

Hope all of you had a great midsommer/St.Hans celebration too!

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4 Responses to A Real Midsummer’s Night Dream

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  2. siv says:

    høres ut som om det var en hyggelig feiring 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    Så fint maria , jeg var bare på jobb jeg. Skulle vært med dere. 🙂 Love from Joy

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