Planning Things Suck

….when they don’t work out. We just got Kenny’s schedule for the next few months, and to our delight saw a few days off in August. We jumped with joy (he never really gets more than one day here and one day there usually) and thought this would be the perfect time to go visit my best friend Amrita and her husband in England.

They have just moved in to a new two bedroom apartment, and so we figured they would have the space for us. Too bad I text her and find out that August,September and October they have rented out the room to a friend, and she might be away filming Season Two of Game of Thrones..So much for that plan, and on to the next..

I hate it when I get a Bright Idea. I always rush ahead in my mind, and plan all the details. In this case how fabulous our time in London would be, all the things I would shop, all the Starbucks coffee I would drink,all the things we would see, and most important og all; the gossiping I would be doing with Amrita. And then, when I start trying to get my Bright Idea out of my head, and in to the real world, it turns out that it wasn’t so Bright at all, more of a murky, shady little thing, that never even got the chance to live! Who would have thought my life would come to this, having to plan every single little thing MONTHS in advance in order for it to work out! Me, who impulsively bought a charter trip to Greece only 5 days before we were supposed to leave,with a girl I never used to hang out with. Me, who actually flew all the way to Copenhagen and back to tromso(four flights) the the same day, when my brother deemed himself too sick to take the train back after a class trip.My mom worked in SAS at the time, and we got super cheap tickets, and I did like the slice of pizza from pizza hut at Kastrup Airport. The only thing I got out of the day..

Ah well, I guess we will end up going somewhere else then, just have to think of a place that is relatively close by and that has flights on the exact dates we need..Maybe Paris? I’ve never been, and I would love to go see the house of Nicholas

Nicholas Flamel's House in Paris. Now a restaurant

one of the main reasons I chose this particular spelling for Nicholas name! It was the way they spelled Nicholas Flamel in Harry Potter, and I am a die hard Harry Potter freak…I also considered the more French spelling Nicolas, but in the end Harry Potter won!)

I guess we will have to have a look and see where we could go. Just wish it was London though!


On a completely different note, I think I eventually will be moving my blog over to blogspot, mainly cause I can get my images to appear bigger there and as I am a very visual person I like BIG pictures. I also like the fact that I have more control over what I want the blog to look like, plus I can place ads for my favourite stores and charities on my page. I will of course post a link here and tell everyone that I have moved when this move becomes a reality- for now I will keep blogging right here, until I get the blogspot page up and running the way I want it!

Tomorrow I will write the post on one of the questions we get asked the most; Which languages we speak to our son, and how many languages we use at home!

Blog to you tomorrow!!


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5 Responses to Planning Things Suck

  1. Paris of the North – unbeatable anytime!

  2. Emma says:

    Maria at least you will get those days off! I have given up planning for anything because everytime I do Helgi gets called up to the national team and Me and Lilja are left at home. Paris is fabulous definitely go if you can 🙂 if I wasn’t a big fatty bumbum I would tag along.

    • Yup Me Dear! Been there done that! No count of all the things we had planned to do which had to be cancelled due to National team… Well you are very welcome to tag along anywhere my dear, but I guess there will be no travelling for u that late..

  3. Pia says:

    Kristiansand, Norway (dyreparken)?!! 🙂

    • hahaha:) tviler på at vi finner noen direkte fly til dere i kr.sand 🙂 dessuten må vi jo reise ett sted vi ikke har vært!! men jaaa vi skal sjekke ut den muligheten også!!klemmer fra meg

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