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One Minute of Silence

One minute of silence the other day throughout the Nordic countries was great. We united across borders, across ethnicity, and across beliefs. But somehow I felt like that one minute went by too fast..How can one minute possibly make up … Continue reading

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A Tragic Day

I am sad today. I’ve been crying on my own, whenever Nicholas has been in another room my eyes have just welled up. I feel so lost today- how could such a terrible thing happen in my little country Norway? … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Norway..

my internet went down earlier today, so i only have my Phone to post from. I just want to say that the terrorism that happened in Oslo and on Utøya today is an absolute tragedy. My heart and prayers go … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters and Rainy Days.

Today is a bit of a dreary day here in Stockholm. The sky we have gotten so used to being a bright Crayola Blue has now turned a more milky gray, and is not anywhere close to as appealing as … Continue reading

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