Get together

Today we did get together with some of the other AIK players,their wives and kids at Nisse and Alice Johansson’s new house outside the city. On our way out there we just both had to agree that they knew what they were doing buying where they did, the drive is BEAUTIFUL! Little lakes and small islands surrounded by trees take your breath away, and it made us want to pack up our stuff and move out of the city as well!

At the very beginning of our stay the wind caught the umbrella and flipped the table with my camera on it, so the camera went flying and got a good whacking. The lens cap fell off, and the whole thing got drenched.. It seems to be working ok though, but the lens got really dirty so I didn’t end up taking too many pictures, and none of their beautiful house!! 

Today has been very very hot here in Stockholm, we are talking 30 degrees and really high humidity, so it felt stifling. It was so nice to get out to their new house with a massive back yard and just let the kids play on the lawn

which by the way is big enough for another three houses! They had a big trampoline

and a little paddling pool set up

The pool was of course filled with grass after 10 minutes as the kids jumped in and out, and at the end of the day it was completely dead. Charlie and Lukas ran from across the lawn and jumped in so many times that they made a hole in it somewhere!On the side of the house there is a tree swing, a big slide and a play house.Heaven for kids in other words.

They also had bought two tiny nets and some footballs, so of course there was plenty of fun for both the big and the small boys there…

Kenny Pavey and his son Charlie playing football

We sat outdoors and enjoyed the sun all day, and when it got too hot we just put up the umbrella to get some shade..

Danielle and I were the two women who were not pregnant, and we though it was way too hot, so poor Alice and Emma most have been melting in the sun.

Lilja gives the baby a cuddle….

and as the budding photographer she is she begs to take a picture of her daddy, and it turned out pretty good!!

Nicholas enjoyed playing with the other kids so much, especially his darling Jessie

who always wants to play with him too. Both Kennys took turns playing with him on the trampoline as well

The older boys are way too fast for him to catch up, and their games are way too rough for him so he gets very frustrated watching and not being able to join in. He tries to run after them, but ends up flat on his bum half the time! So in the end he found something else to play with, there is definitely enough toys for him

And yet they don’t keep his attention for long, all he wants to do is jump on the trampoline like the big boys are doing, and he can’t even get up there by himself, so then he cries and whinges and gets angry that we wont lift him up.. He did not have the best of days today, he is teething and together with the warm weather and humidity that made for one whining baby… At one point I was about to go absolutely crazy! I can deal with crying, but that constant whining gets to me.. I am so blessed to have such a happy baby normally, because dealing with whining on a regular basis would really drain me!! After his second nap there he got a bit happier though, and I got a bit happier

and the sun went down as well, so he got less hot and that helped too- most of these pictures are taken in the evening, and that is why he is wearing clothes again!

He played frisbee with Kenny and Jessie, and kept following Jess around everywhere. Thankfully she seems to enjoy this just as much as him!

There is nothing like the smell of meat being grilled to perfection whilst you sit in the sun and look at the kids playing. They are such happy little things completely unburdened by the worries of adults as they run around and squeal like little piglets. In other words we had amazing barbecue food again!! Kenny and I brought biftekia and tzatziki. Danielle made a salad and oven roasted potatoes, Nisse barbecued some delicious meet and Alice whipped up a cake that looked heavenly, everyone said it tasted great too-but since I am on LCHF I couldn’t try it for myself. We ate and laughed and enjoyed our food, and nothing is better than that!

We had such a good time tonight:) It is so good to be blessed with so many good people to hang out with. It’s so nice that they all have kids too so Nicholas doesn’t get bored either! We are seriously considering just buying a tent and camping out at Alice and Nisse’s house, it felt so good to have a backyard!! Now the batteries are recharged, and tomorrow morning (this morning as it is after 12am) Kenny leaves for Halmstad, they have a game there on Sunday, and wont get back until Monday  afternoon – so we have some time to ourselves my little monkey and me. We have plans to fill it with some fun with Emma and Lilja and Danielle, Charlie and Jessie. Should be good!!

Now it is bedtime for me, as I have to make sure my batteries stay fully charged until tomorrow – typically they have to be away on the days that the open daycare is closed and there is nowhere for me to take Nicholas to play with other kids his age.. Ah well, that is life..

Blog to you tomorrow (today)


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