Home Alone with My Monkey

I just came in from this day’s second long walk with Charlie. The second one was so much nicer than the first! When we went out this morning it was so warm and humid that I felt like I had been transported to Greece on the elevator trip down! This was the kind of heat that slaps you in the face and makes your clothes stick to your body, you are sweating buckets without even moving one step down the street. Charlies’ tongue was out after only  a minute or so, and Nicholas’ hair was stuck to his temples in those little tight curls he gets when the air is so humid. It felt more like torture than enjoyment taking him out, he was whining all the way, and I wouldn’t even have bothered if it wasn’t for the fact that Charlie needed a walk.. I walked as fast as a snail, and had to stop every few minutes to give Nicholas water, and to pull Charlie out from under a tree where all he wanted was to lie down..

This second walk could not have been more beautiful and peaceful, the total opposite of the earlier one. The sun had lost its strength, and just felt nice on my back. Nicholas was fast asleep in his stroller and it was just the right kind of warm. The kind of warm that wraps itself around you like a comforting blanket, and just makes you feel happy, a small warm breeze making it nice to be outdoors at 8 o’clock wearing nothing but a tank top, shorts and sandals. I still felt like I had been transported to Greece, but to the good part of being in Greece. The air smelled sweetly of flowers, the birds were singing in the trees, and I could see them all around me looking for food. All the people I passed along the way had smiles on their faces, blankets and picnic baskets under their arms. All the balcony doors and windows are wide open, and Solna feels alive with activity, even at this time of the day. The parks are full of people, both kids and adults, enjoying the weather. It was lovely, peaceful and just plain old great to take that walk. I walked slowly this time as well, but not because I was too hot, or because of a fussy child, but because I was eager for the walk to last longer. I was drinking in the smells of summer, and wishing life could always feel as good as this, warm, comforting and safe.. Walking down the streets with Charlie in one hand and pushing the stroller with my little sleepy head with the other I felt such a joy for being alive, healthy and happy, and so much love for my little family- I truly did count my blessings, and I find that my cup is overflowing, and with typical Sod’s Law attitude I just felt that something, SOMETHING has to go wrong now, you can’t be this lucky and have it stay this way.. Life usually has a way of evening things out, so right now I’m just going to enjoy the moment, I’ll probably get something to be unhappy about soon enough, and I’ll deal with that when I get to it..


Kenny left this morning for Halmstad and is not coming home until Monday afternoon, and he is picking my mom up straight from training, so it is up to me to get the house spick and span for my mother’s impending visit.. Not an easy task at the same time as taking care of Nicholas and Charlie! Nicholas always follows me around and wrecks havoc on all the areas I have tidied. Not to mention how dirty he manages to get the areas I have cleaned. ah well no worries, I’ll get it done one way or the other!

Today we spent the early morning playing indoors;

we sang..

This is Nicholas “singing” with me, He holds the card with the song on, and I sing it.

We played with cars

and would you believe it, Nicholas actually put those rings on in that pattern! Clever boy!

And then he took them off again..

He just loves fishing one toy up after the other from his toy chest, and seems to be happy only when all of them are strewn across the floor!

He walks everywhere now, it really has become his favourite way of transporting himself from A to B. It is only very rarely, if the ground is very uneven, or if it is painful to walk on that he bothers with crawling.. It is strange how fast they go from little babies to big toddler once they move around on two instead of four. It seems to me like he has grown 10 cm in a matter of weeks!! I get quite nostalgic really when I see this boy of mine growing so fast.. Can’t believe it was only last year that he was lying on a blanket in the shade under the trees when we were in the park!!

These pictures are from late June early July last year! Look how tiny he was..

Ahh, how I miss the milky smell of a newborn baby’s skin, and that little forehead that was just made for kissing over and over and over again.. His for head is still made for kissing, but now I get to kiss it only once before he takes off on a new adventure. He does come over and give me snuggles when he feel like it though. Usually when I have my back turned and I suddenly feel two chubby little hands wrap themselves around my legs and a head boring itself in the gap between my knees.. He is still my little baby and I swear he always will be until the day I die!

After his nap we went to Skytteholms parken with Emma

and Lilja, who turned 4 today!!

It was so nice to get down there and sit in the shade under the trees, but not much sitting for me anymore as Nicholas now runs from one place to the next, and it is all I can do to catch up!

The kids enjoyed playing in the pool

Which of course meant that I had to play in the pool with Nicholas, the water was so cold at first, but Nicholas or Lilja just jumped right in!

After spending what I felt to be enough time in the pool I inflated the trusty ol’ backup! It’s amazing how much this little pool has saved me from having to walk around in the bigger ones getting splashed from all angles…

After swimming it was time for climbing..

Nicholas on the smaller ones, and Lilja all the way to the top!

Whilst the kids climbed and ran and enjoyed themselves thoroughly Emma went and bought Ice cream for her and Lilja,

and Nicholas and I enjoyed a smoothie.. Then we packed up all our stuff and headed over to the store where we bought a grilled chicken and stuff for a salad. It was way too hot for anything else!! We ate a lovely mozzarella and tomato salad with fresh basil and grilled chicken with sweet swedish strawberries for desert. So good! I love summer so much I hope it lasts until October! We had a beautiful day my little monkey and me, and I just can’t wait to get the husband back on Monday, a bit of time apart is great, but one day is more than enough!! Send loads of good energy for the game tomorrow guys!!

Blog to you then!


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2 Responses to Home Alone with My Monkey

  1. Kat says:

    aw! han e så stooooor! æ føle æ har gådd glipp av så utrulig mye! nu må æ finne mæ et vis på å komme mæ ned snart!!!

  2. Ami says:

    i thin u have a little explorer on ur hands!! xx

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