Quiet at Last!

I don’t know if those of my readers that don’t have children, or have never worked in a daycare can truly understand how much more you appreciate silence after listening to a bunch of children screaming their heads off for a few hours, but let me tell you that you appreciate it a whole lot!!

We spent the morning at home today playing indoors as the weather had changed overnight from stifling heat to quite cold. Nicholas woke me up at 7.30 today because he was hungry – and when he wakes up because of hunger that means he is not his usual happy self, but whining and crying and just plain old miserable to be around! I ended up feeding him and putting him back to bed and he slept until almost 12pm, so he must have been quite knackered.

I wanted him to have a late nap today since we were going to Emma and Lilja’s house to watch the game with all the other girls and kids so he slept from 4 till 5.30 and I was so tired that I slept for half an hour as well – strange how these weather changes affect me! I always get more sleepy when the sky is grey and the air has that smell of impending rain. When we woke up we got ready and went to Emma’s right before the game was about to start, everyone else was there already and let me tell you it sounded like there was about 30 people in that flat! I don’t know what it is, but some days the kids are just louder than others, and this was one of those days. Maybe the weather affects them too? They aren’t even screaming or anything, just playing much louder than they normally would, and that on top of the fact that we have the TV on to watch the game plus all of us girls chatting and talking over each other makes for a seriously ear-splitting noise! It sounds much like it sounds in daycare when all of the kids are inside playing. Loud and chaotic!

Nicholas of course gets pushed around a bit since the other kids want to kiss him or hug him and forget that they are so much stronger than him, so he ends up crying every five minutes, and if he is not crying some of the older kids are upset because he is taking their toys or ruining their game. It is such hard work when you are over at other people’s houses with a kid at his age – I can’t really trust him on his own completely, since he is still very prone to putting small things in his mouth – and it goes without saying that a girl of four has plenty of yummy Barbie shoes to munch on! I end up running from my chair to where-ever he is, and back again so many times that I lose count. I try to get back in to whatever conversation the other girls are having – and must be annoying them sick with the “what are you all talking about?” every time I come back.. By the end of our stay I just feel completely head F’%@#! Some of the girls are childless and they are of course just enjoying themselves, the other kids are so old that they can be left to their own devises so their mums are just sitting back and enjoying – and I can’t help looking forwards to the day I can sit there and enjoy some grownup conversation without worrying that Nicholas is doing something he isn’t supposed to too…

So, after the game was over and we had tidied up the apartment, which looked like it had been bombed by a truckload of toys, all the other girls left, and as Emma closed the door it just got so quiet… Lilja was busy playing with the cat, Nicholas had his mouth full of food and therefore was quiet as well, and I could feel that residue whooshing sound in my ears that you get when it all of a sudden goes completely silent after loud continuous noise – and it felt so good…And lasted all of 30 seconds before a tired Nicholas who was done eating his porridge started wailing cause I wouldn’t give him my phone to play with. And when he cries I am sure he does so at 2000000 decibel.. I felt like crying myself! There I was enjoying the silence after three hours of non stop sound and he goes and ruins it all!! I quickly got him dressed and departed Emma’s house as soon as I could – poor pregnant Emma must have been losing her mind!

Thankfully he stopped crying the minute we got outside, and we walked home both of us in deep thought, once home I got him changed to his pyjamas and we picked up Charlie for a quick walk. I put the stroller-back down so he could sleep, and he fell asleep instantly as if I had flipped a switch. And once again I could just walk and enjoy the sound of the wind rustling the leafs, and the smell of rain in the air. And as I’m writing this I am doing it with the TV turned off, and the lights turned down low, now that I am done I will just sit here and do nothing and listen to silence – because I know for a fact tomorrow will be even more noisy than today because we are celebrating Lilja’s fourth birthday!!

But I also have a feeling that come tomorrow I will once again appreciate the noise, as it will be the kind of noise you get when the kids are high on sugar and games, and when they squeal of joy as they run after each other and play with their balloons,

and quite frankly sometimes noise, ear-splitting as it can be – is beautiful!!


P.S Thanks all of you who sent some positive energy our way! Kenny and his team AIK won against Halmstad today, so it must have worked!

I am just s

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3 Responses to Quiet at Last!

  1. Veronika says:

    Vi skal faktisk bo på vandrehjem,i en båt! Skeppsholmen tror jeg det her. Så superfint ut. Alle spisePlasser mottaes med takk:-) gjerne koselige butikker,interiør,klær,sko,smykker Osv… Og ikke minst en deilig park! Ser fram til å slenge meg ned med rosevin og deilig mat 🙂

  2. veronika says:

    Skal til Stockholm i begynnelsen av August,kan du komme med noen tips hvor man skal spise,shoppe etc? Gjerne noen fine parker,hvor man legge seg ned å ha picnik? Superfin blogg forresten,du skriver så godt:)

    • Det kan jeg såklart gjøre! Skal forhøre meg litt med de andre jentene også, de som får spist ute litt mer enn meg, så skal jeg lage ett innlegg om det! hvis du vet hvor du skal bo i stockholm er det også lettere for meg å gi tips om parker 😀

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