Lilja’s 4th Birthday Party

Let me start by saying that today was so great! Emma had gone all domestic goddess on us, and made so many nice things to eat!!

I even broke my LCHF diet and ate one chocolaty,marsbary piece of heaven.. But I stopped at one even if there were so many other temptations, so yay for me!!

All the kids enjoyed the food

And they had so much fun! They were running around chasing balloons, and Nicholas did his best to catch up. In fact it was hard to get a picture of him or Lucas as they wouldn’t stand still for a second!! When it was time to eat cake all the kids had rosy cheeks from all the running as they crowded Lilja to watch her open her presents, they all wanted to open presents too!

She got so many girly ones that I got quite jealous myself! The funniest one,hands down, was the pregnant Barbie that had an actual little removable baby in her tummy!! Hilarious! She obviously needed a Cesarian to get that baby out..

Then it was time for cake, and the excitement on Lilja’s face as Emma came out carrying the Hello Kitty cake with four candles was priceless!!

She really was so excited and happy, and it was absolutely adorable!

She closed her eyes and made a wish…
 Took a deep breath, and managed to blow out all the candles..

Then Emma cut it and handed it out to all the kids..

The happy family enjoying their cake

We had a lovely time, and I got to sit around and do nothing as my mum came from Norway today and played with Nicholas almost the whole time! The joys of grownup conversation:)


So fun to go to these birthday parties.. Charlie’s and now Lilja’s. Strange to think that in a few years MY little boy will be four. And not so little anymore.. I really see such a big difference in him already, the way he interacts with the other kids is so fun to watch. He really plays with them, and cuddles them and has so much fun with them. It is just adorable how much they accept that he is pulling hair and giving sloppy kisses- they really do see that he is smaller than them and just take it. Even when he is hurting them they don’t hit back. We are so lucky to be in a team where there are so many nice people for us to hang out with!! Hope they all stay as long as us at least!!!

Blog to you all tomorrow!


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