Visitors from Norway

Hi everyone!!

So, I know I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, no posts for a while. Shame on me, I promise I will be back now with more posts. My only excuse is that we’ve been terribly busy being hosts for my mother and our Norwegian friends that came for a very short- but intense – visit. Yngvar Håkonsen is Kenny’s former team-mate from our time in TIL. Him and his wife Pia and two kids came from Wednesday evening to Friday morning, and as always, Kenny and I tried to pack as much Stockholm in to those few days as possible. Which actually had us all so drained at the end of the day that blogging was pretty far from my mind! I chose to spend the time sipping white wine, chatting with our lovely friends and my mum, and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Blogging is a great way for me to remember to appreciate the little things, but I definitely don’t want it to make me so obsessed with writing and taking pictures that I forget to live in the moment and only visualise how it will look on print. So therefore I chose to take very few pictures those days, and rather enjoy my time sitting in the sandbox looking at the kids playing, or smelling the sweet baby smell on their five month old baby girl.. Sometimes it is important to sit back, relax and smell the roses, not just photograph them!!

We did a grand tour of Stockholm on Thursday, starting in the morning when Pia, my mom and I took the kids to Skytteholms Parken, where they played for a bit whilst the menfolk went to training. It was nice and warm, almost too warm in the park, so I was glad we found a spot in the shade. Liam was obviously quite tired after the late night he had the day before and wanted most of all to just sit in the stroller and watch the kids swimming, Nicholas was asleep most of the time, dreaming sweet dreams I think from the look on his face

Little Elle was in the stroller cooing contentedly and playing with her feet, then she too fell asleep

All in all that gave us mommies (my mother included) a very relaxing morning in the park. After that we went home, picked up the guys and the dog and headed in to the city by subway, it was so warm in there that we felt like melting popsicles all of us..

We changed and took the pram out to Djurgården, a much nicer and quite scenic trip actually, it’s quite a nice way to see the central parts of Stockholm. We got off and walked  back along the water until we found a nice place to have some lunch and a coffee, Liam was getting some needed sleep, so it was only Elle and Nicholas that kept us company.

I found myself staring longingly at the nice lounge chairs where people without children were lying drinking rose wine and looking like a million bucks, whilst I was trying to keep a squirming Nicholas away from my camera. Blame where it is due though, it was me that took him out of the stroller where he was sitting quite contentedly so he could stretch his legs..

After a delicious lunch by the water we continued our walk through Östermalm and in to the city where we did some obligatory shopping at NK, Polarn O Pyret and H&M. I found some cute rain boots for Nicholas on sale at PoP, as well as a body and a top. I love their stuff- mainly cause it is really good quality and their patterns are so cute! I do avoid buying it at full prise though- I just can’t bear to spend 200 kr on a body for a baby that will grow out of it in a heartbeat- so I always make sure to check out the sales, and always find something I like.

After shopping we walked down Drottning gatan to Gamla Stan- had a quick look around there, and jumped on the subway to Medborgarplatsen, from there we walked until we found somewhere we wanted to eat. We were looking for a Greek Restaurant, and ended up at one called Kouzina (kitchen in Greek) that had enough space for one big double stroller, and a single one. Not a common thing actually! The food was good- and it was so warm that we really appreciated the fact that we were sitting in the shade. Nicholas had fun pretending he was drinking beer

(from an empty bottle of course) and we all couldn’t help but laugh at him when he pretended to take a big sip, and went “aaaaahhhhh” after- as if it was the best thing he had ever tasted!

Liam is three- and of course loves saying the word “bæsj” which means poo in Norwegian. So he spent the whole day saying that everything was Bæsj and laughing so hard when we played along. All kids go through that stage where poo and pee are the funniest words on the planet, and I think it is OK to indulge them a bit. That way they lose interest quite quickly, I even felt like buying him these

Too funny or what?

After a delicious dinner we walked back and took the subway back home. Yngvar and I experienced just how helpful the swedes can be when the elevator at the subway didn’t work. We were in the process of taking the strollers step by step down the stairs (Pia, Kenny and my mother were already down at the next platform waiting for us) when another train arrived. I nearly fell over trying to make space for the crowd that was building up behind us, and low and behold not any less than three people came and grabbed a hold on my stroller and carried it down for me. Yngvar got the same treatment with his, and an old lady grabbed Liam’s hand to guide him safely down the stairs. I felt quite stupid when we got down only to see that someone had fixed the elevator in the time it had taken us to tackle the stairs!

The next morning we enjoyed a big breakfast, and headed for a quick visit to the nearest park before Kenny had to take them to the airport. Both the children and the grown ups had so much fun!

Nicholas cried and cried when they left- he had so much fun playing with Liam that he really didn’t want them to go. I hope that we gave them just enough of a taste of Stockholm for them to want to come back soon!!

I’ll be back with a post later today from today’s family day at Karlberg!

Blog to you soon!

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2 Responses to Visitors from Norway

  1. Pia says:

    Takk for et fantastisk opphold Maria!!! Storkoser oss sammen med dere!!!
    Gleder oss allerede til neste gang 🙂
    God klem fra fam. Håkonsen (Liam sender en ekstra bæsjeklem til dere alle 😉

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