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I got a comment the other day from a girl who is going to visit Stockholm, and wanted some tips about what to see, do and where to shop. So I thought I’d give a few pointers to anyone who is thinking of visiting Stockholm. This will of course be what I think are good places to go- for a more unbiased view go to the webpage visit stockholm here.

First and foremost I want to say that Stockholm has something to offer for everyone from young clubbing fashionistas and families with children, to people interested in culture and arts. Not to mention that there is just about NO other place in the world you will get a somewhat big city in such beautiful surroundings, there is water everywhere as the city is situated on islands connected by bridges. Stockholm is stunning no matter what time of year you visit.

On hot summer days there are many places to go to cool yourself off, whether you want to swim at one of the many beaches, the outdoors swimming pools, or if you feel that splashing your feet in one of the free paddling pools whilst your children enjoy themselves is more than enough. I would recommend the outdoors pool at Huvudsta as worth a visit, it is situated only metres from the water, and when you and your kids are done swimming you can walk over to the 4H farm close by. They have goats, sheep, rabbits, horses and chickens for your child to look at and pet. There is also a playground, park and a riding school close by, and plenty of opportunities for a barbecue in the area.

If you are more of a beach person, and would like to swim I would recommend going to Rålambsparken. The easiest way to get there is to take the Subways Green Line to Thorildsplan and when you get out of the subway walk to the left through the park, it is a beautiful and BIG park with a playground and paddling pool for the kids, and a stunning view of Sødermalm and Gamla Stan. In late summer evenings it feels more like a festival camp than a park as the lawns are dotted with clusters of people drinking beer and barbecuing. And the park is buzzing with people during the day.

To get to the beach you have to walk through the park, and make a right where the paths split up by the water, if you go straight you get to the city, if you make a left and follow the road you get to the beach. After you are done swimming, I would say that you should definitely walk back to the city. Walk back to where the roads split, and follow the promenade along the water- Norr Mälarstrand.

It is a beautiful 40 minute walk, and there is plenty of places to take pictures. One of my favourite cafes, Mälarpaviljongen, is also situated there, right on the water, and with a floating section where you can enjoy great food and a stunning view of Stockholm. Klick on the link to check out photos!!

As for places to eat in Stockholm, there are so many, and many good ones. Kenny and I tend to go eat Greek food when we go out for dinner and on Södermalm there are several nice Greek Restaurants. My favourite has to be Dyonisos- situated on Bondagatan 56, this is the one we seem to gravitate towards, maybe because the food tastes much the same as the one we enjoyed when we were in Greece.To read other peoples reviews of the place, and to see a map click here.

Other places that are worth a visit is the restaurant Kungsholmen. This restaurant/bar is situated close to Rålambsparken on the way back to the city. It looks so nice inside, and I have been assured that the food it great too. I am going there with the rest of the girls to celebrate Danielle’s birthday in August, so I will write more about it after. For now I can say that the view is stunning, and that during the day one can go have a coffee or drink in the connected bar by the water.

There are many many lunch restaurants in Stockholm that cater to the hungry working masses. They have cheap prices on set menus or buffets during the day. A rule of thumb is; if you see many Swedes coming and going to any given restaurant it is probably good, and well worth a visit. In a side street off Drottning Gatan there is a Thai buffet called Pong’s that have really good Thai food lunch offers, I think I paid 90 kr to eat as much as I wanted. And the chefs were constantly filling up the buffet, so well worth a visit when you need a break from shopping!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post we have been at T.G.I Friday’s in Kungstregården

quite a lot. With my cousin on 17 mai for instance, after getting soaked to the bone by an unexpected rain shower.. Nicholas and Idunn were rocking to the music, and the food was yummy as always..

As for where to shop, Stockholm has an abundance of opportunities to get rid of some hard-earned cash. Whether you go for the mainstream shops like Vero Moda, Carlings etc. or if you want more niche shops like the one I walked by on upper Drottning Gatan who specialised in Club Wear -think leather, lace and platform shoes.. If you are of the more brand driven kind, NK, the big shopping centre in the middle of the city has it all- From Tiger of Sweden to Louboutin shoes. To see more of what they sell, just click the links above! Right now there are sales everywhere and those orange signs in NK are strange and magical as they lure otherwise smart people in to thinking that “2000kr for a pair of underwear is a great bargain, after all it is half price.” 

For more mainstream shopping Gallerian, the big shopping centre right next to Sergels Torg and T-Centralen, is a great place to get some clothes, watches etc. And whilst you are there make sure to try one of the dangerously good cup-cakes from American Cookies Factory.. Warning, they are addictive!!

To brows furniture and cool designs I would recommend Södermalm. Take the subway to Medborgarplatsen ad walk down the main street from there. You will walk by several cool shops. If you venture in some of the side streets you will definitely see some nice cafes to take a “fika” at and find some cool places to shop vintage clothing.

Things to see must of course include Gamla Stan.

I love the vibe of the place, the winding narrow streets and ally ways, the beautiful town square, the castle.. and although it is a bit too busy for me in the summer I go there lots come autumn when the city is emptied of tourists. My father and I walked there quite a few times when he was visiting, and the best place to have a hot chocolate, or maybe a white hot chocolate is Chockladkoppen in the town square,

this picture was taken in late October, so a nice hot chocolate was exactly what we needed before we walked back to our then home at Kungsholmen..

To read what visit stockholm says about the place click here

One of my favourite book stores here in Stockholm is located there on the mainstreet. Sci Fi Bookstore has everything your heart can desire not only Sci Fi, but fantasy and all the new Vampire books you could ever dream of. In ENGLISH! They also sell True Blood bottles that would be perfect if you were dressing up like “Sookie” (read Sooookeeeeh in Bill’s voice) for Halloween. I love browsing the shelves, and am dropping by soon,maybe today, to get my new Games Of Thrones book, Dance of Dragons!

There is plenty of shopping there as well, some really cool small shops that sell handcrafted souvenirs, a teddy bear shop that is well worth the visit only to cuddle and look at the cute bears, and plenty of restaurants to eat at when you get hungry. For some strange reason most of them seem to be Italian or Thai..

picture from one of the italian restaurants where there is enough space to bring in a stroller

In any case the food is pretty good, and for dessert you can either go to Ben and Jerry’s for Ice cream, or to the belgian waffle place that you CAN NOT miss as the smell will hit you before you see it, or to one of the Italian Gelato places where they make the ice-cream-cones in front of you, and even offer free snacks of the cones that accidentally broke when they were shaping them!.

Here are some more pictures from Gamla Stan

Other places well worth a visit are Katrina Hissen, Medborgarplatsen, Söder Hallerna and Mosebacke
on Söder. On Djurgården I would of course recommend going to Gröna Lund, the amusement park that has different concert just about every night during the summer, Skansen- the outdoors museum and zoo that has a beautiful little tivoli section for the kids. And if you have kids that like Astrid Lindgren, or if you like her then Junibacken on Djurgården is a must! There are also plenty of museums to check out! Moderna Museet looks awsome!!

If you walk back from Djurgården to the city you can enjoy a coffee at one of the many places dotted along the promenade. Most of them serve great food as well, and if I didn’t have Nicholas I would probably spend one of the sunnier days lounging on one of the chaiselounges there driking rose wine..

For a beautiful view of Stockholm take one of the many boat rides leave from the central parts of town many times a day. Check out visit stockholm for more ideas!! But this should be enough to keep you busy a few days!!


We spent yesterday surprising Helgi Danielsson with an 80’s Rock birthday party! It was so fun!! Our costumes were hilarious, and we really did look like we were taken out of the 80’s! I’ll post pictures as soon as I’ve gotten another post ready, so pop back to have a look at my hubby with LONG BLONDE hair!!

Blog to you soon!

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  1. Veronika says:

    Tusen tusen takk 🙂 denne siden skal printes ut !

    • Så bra at du fant noen tips da:) ellers så tror jeg en tur innom visit stockholm
      Siden er en god ide!! Har ikke sett så mye selv der, men tror det er mange gode tips å oppdrive!!

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