Helgi’s 30th 80’s ROCK SURPRISE

The evening can be summed up on one word for sure, and that is FUN! It was so much fun to get all dressed up and to take the dressing up all out, to the point of wigs and leather tights. The latter actually sported by the husband.. Emma, your mum is a genius for coming up with the theme for the party.

There is nothing as funny as seeing all of us so-called “grown-ups” at a “grown-up” birthday party (30 is pretty much grown up right?) all dressed up sporting fake hair, fake eyelashes, fish net stockings, beards and tights.. It was hilarious. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard as when I saw my Kenny get his groove on behind the drum-set tossing his long blonde curly hair over his shoulders,closely mimicking a movement I do myself about 10 000 times a day if my hair is down.

Or when I saw Kenny Pavey bursting through the door in a kilt, dressed as Axel Rose

or Helgi in a womans vest.. It was a blast back to the 80’s alright, and when you take in to account that I wasn’t even born when fashion looked like we looked it all gets extra funny..

It is times like that, when you are laughing so hard that your stomach is aching and you are quite out of breath, that you think to yourself how lucky we are to be here, and to be 30,or in my case 25, and still have as much fun dressing up as we did when we were 6! You let go of all your insecurities,  whether it be flabby thighs or a kangaroo pouch on your lower abdomen, and just have fun with clothes, hair and makeup. No problem that the eyeliner doesn’t look good, or that your hair looks like a mess, it’s all good, it’s all make-believe, and nobody cares anyway, every one is just out to have a good time.

Maybe it’s time for me to let go a bit more in daily life too? Not think so much about how I look when I leave the house, or whether or not my hair is too flat, or too fluffy (which is why it ends up in a safe pony tail most days) maybe it is time to just have fun with it, and what the hell- nobody probably really pays as close attention to the details as I do, so why sweat them. Not saying that you should go all cave-woman-  just have a bit of that 80’s Rock Attitude and treat each day like a party, ’cause really it is! And we should just praise ourselves lucky that we get to live it and enjoy it as much as we do. Who cares about what your belly looks like after you’ve had a kid anyway? My body has produced my single best achievement on this planet, and given life to the most wonderful boy in this solar system, so why complain. I should just bear those little stretch marks proudly, they are a sign of what I ultimately am, a mother, and a darn proud one I might add!

My before-mentioned offspring spent the evening safe at home with his Bestemor (Granma) as she is still here and a willing babysitter. We’ve been out at night a total of 3 times since she got here a bit over a week ago.. It is crazy! And today we are going to give Nicholas and my mother even more time alone as we head off to watch Harry Potter.It honestly felt amazing being able to leave the house with Kenny Tuesday, and not even having put Nicholas to sleep- and know that when I came home late at night I could be sure that he would be sleeping safe and snug in his bed.. The joys of having family around! They are definitely the best choice for babysitter, so all of you lucky people who live close to your family, be thankful!!

Helgi’s party was a crazy surprise party, and it is safe to say that no matter what he was expecting he was NOT expecting this!!

We changed at Emma and Helig’s place and put on both hair and makeup there.

 And just let me have this said straight away to any wondering AIK fans, there were kids present and the party, along with pregnant women, we did NOT drink a lot- and most of  our fun was not due to alcohol but due to terrible skills in Rockstar for playstation..

Now guess who hides behind these costumes

and yes, my man looks awesome in tights!

Bruce dropped by… no, just kidding, but man can this guy sing!

The girls sported some good ol’ 80’s style too, even the pregnant Emma managed to walk on super high red rocking heels!

and as you can see here she’s got some rhythm in those shoes..

Danielle looked like and 80’s version of herself

and personally I went for the trashy “band-aid” groupie look. Malin on the other had was more glam. Here we are… You’ve gotta rock the fishnets or what?

When Helgi finally walked through the door, to a massive shout of SURPRISE and following birthday song Emma had his costume ready to go.. Before just home from a real rock concert

And after magical transformation to Real Rock Star

Even Lilja his four-year old daughter sported an AC/DC shirt..

and we had matching gloves too!!
We danced to rock music..

Thanks to all the willing “rock stars”

There was a lot of fake  going on in that apartment, even fake smoking to look 80’s Rock Cool in pictures ( I might add that none of us actually smoke, so we had to make “cigarettes” out of paper..)

and Kenny gave me some rock star looks.. I think he looks great with a blonde wig!

Group Shot of all the guys, we robbed Emma and Helgi’s drink cabinet to have some props… Figured Slash had to have some Jack Daniels, right?

At the end of the night Lilja set up makeup salon in her bedroom..

She took great care when she mixed just the right colour for each and every one of us.. She told me after she was done that I looked just like cinderella.. What do you think? Maybe after she was cleaning the ashes?..

At the end of the night the guys went out to rock some karaoke rock bar- and I went home. It felt sooo good to comb my hair, and wash off the makeup.. I really do wonder how Cyndi Lauper managed to look like this everyday?!

Cyndi my hat is off to you!

We had such a great night of dress up, that I can’t wait to have a Halloween Party at our place this year.. I think I will have to start thinking of a costume already!!


Now it is waaay past my bedtime, so I think I will get my normal 1986 bum back in bed where it belongs.. Can you believe I actually got out of bed to write this post? Well I did, so you better have enjoyed it!

Blog to you soon!




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