It All Ends…

The end has come, and what a sad day it was yesterday when Kenny and  I went to say a final good-bye my trusted companion through many years, Harry Potter. I have to admit that I went to the movie theatre with a heavy heart knowing that this was it. I didn’t even bother putting on any makeup. I knew it would all be in vain, tears would make me look like a mess no matter what. And I was right- tears were shed just as I expected, but it was both sad and happy tears… The movie was amazing!

before the movie.. already my cheeks have a flushed, nervous look..

and then after the movie, feeling both sad and happy at the same time..

and on the way home the sky was coloured a deep red and wept tears for all the lost lives in the fight against Voldemort..


I first came across the Harry Potter books right after the second one was released in June 1999, and devoured both books in a day! From that day on I was hooked on Harry. I read the following books within a day of them being published, and counted down days to when the next would be out. I rejoiced when the first movie was released in 2001, and from then onwards I had TWO things to look forwards to at once, more books and more movies.

In 2007 the last book came out, and this time I tried to make it last longer than a day. I was at the time working on the cruise ship Hurtigruten, and worked 10 hour days  minimum. Yet the book was gone within two days, even with only a 3 hour break in the middle of the day to read in, a break that was supposed to be filled with sleeping, eating and getting ready to serve supper in the evening.. I read the whole book, except for the very last chapter, the one that takes place 19 years later. I saved that chapter until a week later because I felt so bad that Rowling actually really put an end to it. By writing that last chapter I felt that she closed the door for the possibilities of more Harry, and it was unbearably sad to know that there wouldn’t be any “next book” to look forwards to… But at least I had the movies.

Now I find myself in the same old funk, except this time it all ends, now I don’t have any more Harry to look forwards to, and it sucks real bad.. So..

I want to thank you Harry; and all of the wizarding world, for being such amazing companions through many a time I’ve spent curled up in my bed, or in my favourite chair reading. In winter, summer, fall and spring. In the morning, in the evening and at every time in between. For Harry Potter and the philosophers stone still being my “fall back book”- the one I pick up if I run out of other books to read. And if I pick up the first I usually pick up the next, and the next and so forth until I’ve plowed through the whole series once more, probably for the 15th time.. And for being the books that I pick up whenever I feel a bit down, and I have stopped believing in the magic of this world, and for then always making me believe in magic again, even at the age of 25.

I want to thank you Harry for all the wonderful evenings I will have with Nicholas reading these books to him, knowing that he will hang on every word and beg me to read more even as his eyes are closed because of tiredness. And for the fact that I know I will bring whichever Harry-book we are on with me out of the bed-room, and read the next chapter, and then the next, just because after all these years they still make me feel so much. I feel the anger and the injustice of the way Harry is treated, first by his Aunt and Uncle, and later by so many people just because he is special. I feel a surge of crazy happiness when Harry first learns that he is a wizard, and later when he wins his first quidditch match. I feel the importance of friendship when I read about Harry’s relationships with Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Gryffindors. I feel the importance of love when I read about the magical bond that was created when Harry’s mum gave her life for him- true love like that really does exist, I feel it for my son every day..

When I read about Harry’s struggle with the loss of his parents I feel sadness and hurt, and the importance of grown ups that love you for who you are. When Harry finally gets someone to call his own, his very own Godfather, Sirius, I rejoice with him, my heart hurts for this poor orphaned boy, and him finally getting family means so much to me. When that is taken away I feel a loss that is so deep so dark that I always cry. Even now, having read the books a million times It still makes me cry..

So I just want to say thank you Harry, for making me feel love and hate, happiness and sadness, and for giving me things to look forwards to with my son. Even if the end has come, and no more Harry will be published or released I know the end has not come for me and Harry. I will keep reading the books, keep watching the movies, and look forward to the day I can read them, and watch them with Nicholas..



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