Musings on a Monday

My mother just called me to let me know that she has arrived safely at Tromsø Airport, minus one luggage that is somewhere in Stockholm but should be arriving soon. Nicholas is sleeping soundly in his bed after spending the morning running amok with his little greek friend that lives in the same building.I have just picked up the rest of his toys and am now sitting down to contemplate these last two weeks that have gone by so fast.

So much has happened in such a short time, it is really time to sit back and think about them all. My mother came 14 days ago, and two days after our Norwegian Friends came as well. We managed to do a whole lot in the 50 something hours they were here, and thankfully I’ve already written a post on that, so I only have the next 10 days I need to sum up in this one!

I must start by saying that all of you who live close to your family, be grateful and happy about it. It is so nice to have someone around who is a willing and able babysitter, Kenny and I have really experienced this over the last 14 days. We’ve been out 4 times on our own without Nicholas, and could have gone out every night if we wanted to! And man did it feel good to know that he was well taken care of at home, and not have to give leaving him a second thought. This was like a sneak peek at what it is like living close to family. Most people I know that have kids have one on one time quite regularly, they go on dates, to the movies and to parties. They are lucky enough to have parents or siblings that are willing to take their child for an evening so they can get some alone time. As we have never had that it felt amazing to finally be able to spend some time being just a couple, not a couple with a child. Kenny and I went out for a coffee twice, out to the movies and to the amusement park Gröna Lund all in a matter of 10 days! My mom probably put Nicholas to bed more often than me these days, and it was great! Not that I don’t love putting him to bed, I do. But I think it is real good for him when he learns that it is fine to go to bed without mamma tucking him in. I was sure he would put up a bit of a fight, but he didn’t mind my mum doing it at all! He just went to bed the same as he always does.

Here are some pictures from what we have been up to with my mother and alone.

We’ve been to the parks around Solna. Most of the time my mum would take him alone to the park in the morning so I would get to sleep in! Luxury!

We’ve been out shopping and drinking coffee many times..Nicholas now wants to walk by himself all the time, and gets angry if you try to hold his hand. For him the stores are like amusement parks, and he walks in, under, and climbs on everything. Mirrors are fun!

Outside Bromma Blocks, a shopping centre close to where we live he went “mountain climbing”

and then we looked at animals at Skansen. We let him walk around as much as he wanted there, and he is perfectly OK with just walking his own merry way, and not even peaking back to see if we are anywhere near. Not scared of anything this kid!

Mr. squirrel was so tame that he nibbled my fingers in search of food!

We went to look at the big moose. There were baby moose as well, and although they were still very big they were really cute.

Then there was this little good-natured goat that was roaming free..

 We went to look at the seals, his good old favourite animals.

we saw a sleeping Otter baby who was laying flat-out on his back snoring!

Then we walked to see the farm animals. Nicholas wanted to pet the hen who obviously wasn’t interested..

so he took a break to throw some pebbles

we finally made it to the goats..

and they were super cuddly, I was rubbing the one between his ears, and the little goat baby just wanted his nose rubbed all the time..

Then we walked on towards the reindeer. Nicholas was mostly interested in reading the signs..

and he tried to climb under the fence so he could pet the reindeer as well..

so we took him to a fake one that he could sit on

He saw the sami house, a gamme, and wanted to get into it..

it didn’t work, so he smelled some flowers instead

he does this funny face and goes, “sniff, sniff… ahhhhhh”

After connecting with his Norwegian roots (no sami in my family though, but reindeer in our garden is quite common)

We went in the goat enclosure where you can pet the goats..

and finally it was time to walk towards the fairground…

Nicholas loves the rides!! The faster the better

and when Ken pretended to “grab” his feet he almost died laughing!

Nicholas is really looking forwards to the day he is big enough to take this ride

Not yet though..

The day after we went to Skansen we went to Grona Lund, we went there everyone together, and then later in the evening my mother took Nicholas with her home so Ken and I could stay out and have some fun! I’ll write a post on our tivoli day later!

Blog to you soon!

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