Roller Coasters and Rainy Days.

Today is a bit of a dreary day here in Stockholm. The sky we have gotten so used to being a bright Crayola Blue has now turned a more milky gray, and is not anywhere close to as appealing as before. I woke to the melody of the rain drip drip dropping loudly on the window panes, and Nicholas, who seems to get as sleepy as me on rainy days slept past 11 pm..

I opened my eyes with a start around 10  wondering why I was still in bed. When I realised that Nicholas must still be sleeping since he hadn’t woken me yet. I got up and managed to have a whole cup of coffee (not a small cup, the big Starbucks cup) before he finally got up. It took me a while to recognise that the sound I heard was him, he wasn’t talking or crying to get my attention, but drumming on the walls.. Maybe he wasn’t even trying to get my attention after all, but was imitating the sound of the rain drumming on the roof? In any case I called out his name from down stairs and got a Mamma? followed by many of the unintelligible words that he says but still manage to sound like he is telling me something very important ala “Mamma? I am fixing the wall right here, it needs a good hammering to be safe…” 

He got up and we managed to get some food and clothes on him before we sat down to watch a bit of Handy Manny together. I love the fact that it is in Swedish and English, that way he sees that someone other than him uses both languages. Nicholas loves music, and every time the tools and Manny get ready to go to work, he claps his little hands and dances to the music. It is funny to see how he actually gets the plot of the show. When the hammer does something funny, like fall over, he laughs out loud, and melts my heart.  After watching one episode of Manny we got busy playing with his trains and his new tractor. He got this tractor from my Mum. It drives by itself, and the farmer sings Old McDonald and whistles. It has  a wagon attached, with animals that make sounds if u push them, and he absolutely loves this tractor. He pushes the button to make it drive, and then holds it back so it can’t go anywhere, pushes all the animals to they make their sound, and then the farmer so he sings his song.

He knows how to make all the animal sounds now, so if you ask him “what does the cow say?” he goes Moooooooooo. He still doesn’t say Oink Oink the way we do, but rather sniffs his nose to make the sound of a pig, so he sounds much more authentic! Right as we got busy playing our downstairs Greek neighbours came for a visit. Their son ,Jonathan, is only a few months older than Nicholas and they play very well together. It is nice for me to get to practise my Greek with someone I can change over to English to if it is needed, and it is nice for Nicholas to have someone to play with. Totally win win! And the fact that they live only two seconds away is even better! We all were invited to their house for dinner yesterday, and boy was it nice to only walk up two flights of steps to be home afterwards. We stayed late, but since we didn’t have to drive to get home it was all good!


I Love Love Love, Roller Coasters and it seems that Nicholas has inherited that trait from me. Kenny thinks they are fun too, but if they spin he gets dizzy so he wont take the spinning ones at all.. (except for the time when he proposed to me on one, but that is a different story!) After seeing Nicholas in action I can only say that I look forwards to the day he is over 150 cm and can take all the rides with me!!

Here are pictures from our trip to Grona Lund!

We started of small, on the merry-go-round, but graduated to some real fast flying at the end. It seemed that all of Stockholm thought that this particular day was a good one for a trip to the amusement park, so it was super busy, and the line ups took forever..

We took turns taking rides with him, but after seeing Ken’s expression on this little train coaster I figured the spinning elephant had to be mine!

Nicholas wanted to press the button to make it fly before we even got started!

He wasn’t too happy when the ride was over and we had to get out to let some other poor waiting kid on, luckily my mother had bought a dolphin balloon, so the elephant was quickly forgotten.

After Nicholas had done his rides my mother and I went on some whilst Kenny and Nicho waited. It was great fun to take some of the crazier spinning ones with my mum!! There is something so magical about going on rides, the way your belly fills with butterflies in anticipation before the ride starts, how the many twists and turns make you laugh out loud or scream, and how you feel a somewhat dizzy pang of regret when the ride is over. I can never get enough of amusement parks! Even when it takes 40 minutes in a line up to get on a 30 second ride, it totally is worth it for me! Around 6.30 my mother went home with Nicholas so Kenny and I could stay out late and enjoy the rides, and we had fun with a capital F! We took all the different roller coasters at least twice, and some of the more boring rides as well. Kenny and I both like the ones where you get dropped from a crazy hight, so we took that one three times at least.

Here is a picture of Grona Lund taken from the water

We ate hot dogs and kebab, took enough rides to make even me tired, kissed and cuddled in the line ups,and then around 11.30 finally made our way home. It was a blast, and I can’t wait to go back!

I’ll post another post with a wonderful LCHF substitute for pasta later today!

Blog to you soon!


I now have over 800 individual readers most days, and yet none of you seem to leave me any comments! I would love to hear from you. Let me know if there is anything you would want me to write a post about.

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