One Minute of Silence

One minute of silence the other day throughout the Nordic countries was great. We united across borders, across ethnicity, and across beliefs. But somehow I felt like that one minute went by too fast..How can one minute possibly make up for all the minutes of silence the parents of the deceased will have to live with. The minutes that should have been filled with hearing the voice, laughter and just plain hearing their kids being alive. It was hard, that minute of silence, it felt a bit like how those poor parents must feel now, when they walk in to their beloved son or daughter’s bedroom and hear nothing. Yet one minute of silence is all we have to give, and it is the least we could give. Personally I’d give a year of silence if I could bring them all back!

It’ so strange to think that whilst the bombing was taking place in Oslo, we were enjoying a beautiful day at Kungsholmen. Nicholas was playing on the grass..

and he had so much fun with Kenny in the pool, splashing and laughing and drinking the water..

and at the same time as we were enjoying our lives to the fullest. Loving each moment with each other, kissing, playing, laughing and seeing Nicholas having the time of his life. At the same time others were crying, screaming, running for their lives. Some made it, many others didn’t. Parents were praying for the safe return of their child back in their arms at the same time as I was busy hugging my child. As Nicholas was loving playing in the water, others were swimming for their lives, and drowning…  I just can’t understand it- how one day can be so beautiful for us, and then so terrible for others. When we came home Nicholas was playing with his car…

When I came in to the living room and looked up at the TV that was tuned to the Norwegian channel NRK but on mute. Grabbed the remote control and just sat down on the couch completely zombie like. Bombing in Oslo was the big headline, and the pictures showed something that looked like a war zone.. At the same time at Utøya kids were being hunted like animals by a crazy madman, we just didn’t know it yet. One day changed so many lives, and ended too many too soon..

I must admit I am surprised about how hard this tragedy has hit me, even if I didn’t personally know someone who was on the island, I still think about this horrible tragedy all the time. I devour every bit of news I can find about it, I read every story that has been published about it, and still I find myself trying to find another one, one that can make me feel as bad as those kids feel now. I know that this is impossible, and yet I try. I try to put myself in their shoes because that is how I am. I want to take the all the pain off those poor souls out there that have no choice. And as a result I have been sleeping poorly and having nightmares the last few days… I just can’t stop thinking about the horror that took place on that island… My prayers go to the families of the ones lost, and to the poor kids who had to experience it all. I hope you get all the help you need to get through this, not just now, but for many many years to come!! Norway is showing itself as a strong little country, full of good people. This one sick person will not succeed in creating havoc, and thank God for that…

I signed the condolence protocol at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm today, it was very touching to see that most of the people who had written in it before me weren’t Norwegian, but came from all over the world to the embassy to give their condolences. There is so much goodness in this world, so many good people. It is important to remember that in the midst of all the sadness..


On a completely different note my beloved Grandparents came to visit us on the 23rd and left yesterday. It has been so great to have them here. Nicholas loves the extra attention and Kenny and I love the company. We have been busy these few days, and managed to both go to one football match

and show them a lot of Stockholm in a short time. Some places they have seen before, like Gamla Stan,

and Skansen ,although last time they went there was on my uncles 2nd birthday!

and some where they haven’t been before, like Mosebacke on Söder and KatarinaHissen..

We ate Greek Food out at our favourite restaurant, and even my grandfather loved the food! We went shopping and Nicholas has had some more audience and has been showing off all his skills, like talking on the phone and dancing.

He cried and was completely heartbroken when they left, I shed a few tears as well, and thought to myself how sad I was that I probably wouldn’t see them in a very long time. I put Nicholas down for a nap, and sat down to read a book when I heard a knock on the door. I figured it had to be our downstairs Greek Neighbour. But then the door opens and it is my Grandma!! I was so happy ❤ It turned out she had forgotten something and had to come back to get it. Which in turn meant that I got to give both her and my Grandpa another hug or ten before they got back on the road. So I guess you never can know or speculate too much on when you will se someone again..

After what happened in Norway I just feel the need to tell every one that I care about just how much I do care about them, and love them. And if I had them a bit closer I would be hugging them all.. We never do know what life will deal us, and when we will see people again. Don’t miss a chance to hug and tell the people you care about that you love them too!!

Many hugs


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3 Responses to One Minute of Silence

  1. Marte :) says:

    Du skriver kjempebra, Maria, jeg er nok en gang imponert. Og flotte bilder av solfine dager var en fin kontrast 🙂 Og jeg elsker det nye bildet i headeren din – fantastisk!!! 😉

  2. siv nordmo says:

    Flott skrevet Maria, i all elendigheten må vi alikevel prøve å få den litt på avstand og gå videre med våre liv.Vi må bare huske å ta med oss lærdommen og fortsatt jobbe for kjærlighet, demokrati åpenhet og toleranse. Som foreldre hviler det et stort ansvar på oss for å oppdra våre barn til å bli tolerante og kristiske mennesker, sterke nok til å ta egne valg og ikke la seg rive med på feile veier. Glad i dere, klem fra mamma

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