Sunny Days

These last few days have been so beautiful here in Stockholm. The sky has been a bright Crayola blue with white puffy clouds floating lazily by. Our days have been spent mostly outdoors, and each night we have come home tired and content and with dirty feet after walking in flip-flops all over Stockholm.

Sunday was match day for Kenny, and Nicholas and I had planned to go over to Alice and Nisse’s house to visit them with Emma and Lilja. Emma came and picked us up quite early and we drove out there with two excited kids in the back seat. When we got there Lilja jumped out of the car, and we lugged all our stuff up to the house. Sat down on the front porch and just chilled out with Alice the rest of the day. Man it’s nice to be somewhere with a garden!! The kids were running around playing,

sometimes jumping on the trampoline, sometimes swinging on the swing, and once in a while they would dip their toes in the freezing water in the paddling pool Nisse filled with water straight from the well. It was an amazingly relaxing day. Nicholas did his best to follow the bigger kids around, and everytime they went on the trampoline he would stand on tip toes, barely reaching the edge with his fingers, trying his best to climb up. Of course he wasn’t able to- so then he started whining and pointing until I caved and lifted him up there. Safe to say that he Loved that trampoline, he was rolling around, bouncing up and down and laughing so hard I am sure his stomach must have hurt!! And the two older kids they were so gentle with him up there, they were careful not to jump too high, or on him. So cute to see how even Lucas, who isn’t even three yet, knows that he needs to be careful around Nicholas… Lunch consisted of yummy pie, salad, and strawberries for desert.. When we went home in the afternoon Nicholas was so tired that I quickly decided not to bring him to the game. A good decision after all, as he was in bed by 8, and slept until 10.30 the next day!!

Monday after training Kenny and Nicholas went to the park for a few hours and I stayed home all by myself and did absolutely nothing. Just sat back and enjoyed reading the newest Games of Thrones book. So far it is just as good as the other ones, and I am reading two other books parallel with this one to make it last longer. I waited quite a while for A Dance With Dragons to come, and I have a feeling I might have to wait for the next one as well so this one NEEDS to last.. In the evening after Nicholas nap we walked to the park and played for a bit,

and then we took the car in to the city and had a coffee at Espresso House, as all the places nearer to us were closed or closed at six. It was so nice to sit outside in the shade at 7 o’clock in only shorts and a t-shirt and be warm! Nicholas enjoyed a smoothie whilst Kenny and I had some coffee. So relaxing and so nice to just watch all the people go by.



Today has been one of those beautiful days that just beg for us to come outside and play, so we did! We packed up our stuff and headed down to Karlberg, the boy’s training ground, to meet up with Lee Baxter, his wife Karin plus their two adorable little girls, and Charlee, who was going to join the guys for some “extra curricular” training. Karin, me and the kids sat by the side of the field in the shade under a tree and just relaxed, chatted, and tried to keep the two smaller kids under control whilst the guys did their work out. The sun was scorching so I was happy that I wasn’t the one running up a sweat on the field. When the guys were done the kids got to run around on the grass for a while, practising their football skills

We headed down to the club house so the guys could shower and get ready, and then we walked over to Kungsholmen for some lunch. The kids were so good and we were all able to finish our meals before any of them started squirming to get down. Quite an accomplishment with two 1 year olds and a four-year old!

After the delicious food was devoured we walked over to a little park so the kids could play and stretch their legs a bit, which they did for a while before we so cleverly thought we could go have a coffee and a muffin on the way home..

I think going for that coffee was definitely pushing our luck. Little Lexi definitely though it was at any rate, and really didn’t wanna sit in her stroller or the high chair anymore, Nicholas was getting really tired and cranky and I had to feed him to make him sit still,

so it ended up with us just packing up and walking home and Xana almost falling asleep standing on the buggy board. Something her mom tells me has actually happened on a few occasions, talk about good sleeper. I guess hoping for a coffee after the park was over doing it after all, because as soon as we got back to the training ground to pick up our cars they were up and running and feeling great..

Days off are so nice and relaxing, at least for us wives who usually have to deal with cranky, tired kids on a daily basis. I think the men quite prefer going to training! I love these days where we can make memories together, enjoy the sun and all this city has to offer.. Ah, days like these make me really appreciate how lucky we are!!


Now I’m gonna sit down with my book before the little one wakes up from his nap.

Blog to you soon!


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5 Responses to Sunny Days

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  2. Katerina says:

    Hehe, satt å så gjennom bloggen din – siden æ har vært så sløv å lese tidligere – å måtte flire når æ så dettan siste bildet av nicholas! Det va sånn alle ungan i barnehagen gjorde hele dagen “æ står på hooooodet, seeee!” 🙂

    savne dokker!


  3. whooooot says:

    kan du skrive et innlegg om hvordan du å kenny møttes? også lurte jeg på om vi kunne få se et kyssebilde 😉

    • hmm, ett innlegg om hvordan vi møttes kommer sikkert om ikke alt for lenge 🙂 kyssebilder kan vel sikkert også kanskje havne her hvis det passer seg slik 😉

  4. siv says:

    fine bilder, og gode late dager 🙂

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