It’s a Zoo!

On Saturday, as Kenny and I had just come in from a very long walk to and around Kungsholmen our Greek neighbour knocked on the door to ask if we wanted to join them for a trip to the zoo Sunday. Since Kenny had the day off today we of course said yes, and made arrangements to be ready to drive around 10.30 in the morning. Morning came a bit earlier than usual, as Nicholas started screaming in his bed around 8 o’clock. I gave it the usual minute or so, to see if he would calm down and go back to sleep, but no such luck. Typically he wakes up early the only day that I have set the alarm to wake up at nine! Kenny got up and brought him downstairs, and after that I took over so Ken could get some sleep. I was more or less in a coma, as I went to bed way to late the night before so I put Postman Pat in the DVD, and sat down to watch it with Nicholas, who absolutely loves Postman Pat. So there we sat, for a good 40 minutes watching kids and sheep and Pat’s red car, and just cuddled on the sofa. It’s so adorable how Nicholas now will sit curled up next to me, completely absorbed by the program on TV, and yet from time to time reach over and stroke my hand. Melts my heart I tell you!

When Kenny finally got up (I say finally, but really it was only about an hour later) he had to take Charlie for a good long walk so that he would be OK home alone whilst we were out. I spent the time trying to get some food into Nicholas and packing all the stuff we needed to bring to the Zoo. You know, the typical list; diapers, baby wipes, extra shorts and T-shirt and extra warm clothes in case the weather changes (in Sweden you can never trust the weather as you will soon hear) and lets not forget all the rest. Water bottle for Nicholas, snacks for Nicholas, proper food for Nicholas, my trusted-last-resort-bribe-to-make-Nicholas-sit-still (otherwise known as a smoothie..) And the list goes on and on, with blankie, pacifier, sun hat, sun screen and more

Basically I am running around the house like a maniac, trying to cut Nicholas’ bread into pieces for him so he can eat them with a fork(don’t even ask) and trying to collect objects from all across the house to pack. And of course making sure I remember my photo camera, the video camera and my phone, after all our first trip to this particular Zoo cannot be left undocumented! Suffice to say that I did in the end pack everything, and Nicholas did eat a bit, and throw even more on the floor, before Ken came and we could get down to the car… Only 20 minutes later than agreed, which is quite good if you ask me! I really have got a completely different sense of time since Nicholas was born. It’s like I somehow permanently lost my watch and am bound to be late every day now.. So 20 minutes was not bad..

Nicholas ready for a nap in the car, with his blankie and pacifier


By this time Nicholas was so tired that he just conked out straight away, and I could sit in the back and pretend to look out of the window whilst I really was sneak reading the book I brought for the drive. I tend to always sit in the back now a days because

A: it is way more comfortable than the front seat, bright and beautiful since we have a glass roof on our car.

B: It is easier to entertain Nicholas when I am sitting in the back, or even just to tend to small things like a dropped pacifier.

And the fatalistic C in which I always think to myself that if something were to happen, then it is better if I can get him out of the car-seat quickly, and that is easiest achieved if I am in the back with him) It is also, of course, a great way to be able to read a book whilst driving, without Kenny seeing! Although I do think that all my absent answers and uh huh ing probably makes it a bit obvious..

When we left Stockholm it was overcast, but still nice and warm. Only 20 minutes later the sky opened up in a torrential rain  shower that made us doubt our trip altogether. But we pressed on after some encouraging looks at the weather reports on my phone. It showed sun in Eskiltuna, and luckily we were not disappointed! We arrived to a sunny sky with little white clouds dotted around, and what started out as a somewhat warm day, ended up sweltering hot!

Nicholas is ready for a day at the Zoo
Entertainers by the entrance, kept the kids from getting bored as we were in line ot get in

The Zoo was fabulous! Lots of animals to look at, most of them you get really close to. We saw piggies

and tried to look like pigs..

We saw monkeys in a million shapes and sizes..

We saw little Kangaroos that Nicholas were ready to jump to

Nicholas wanted to get in to the Kangaroos

So we got into the kangaroo another way instead!

We saw Hippos, both a little baby

and a big lazy one


There was some funny looking animals too! Like this ant eater that looked more like a two headed monster as it was carrying it’s baby piggy back style..


The Zoo has wide spaces and roads, so one doesn’t feel like a sardine shuffling for space in a tin can, and most importantly of all, plenty of play-grounds and fun stuff for kids to do

including a little Tivoli section with lots of fun rides for the littles and best of all a petting zoo that included amongst others, lamas, wallabies and goats that just roam around on a big fenced area, you go in and you get up close and personal with all the animals.

We had such a great day and actually managed to visit all the animals,

from little meerkats

To a great old Galapagos Tortoise.. but the lions were too busy to see us… I think they were sleeping in their house!

The kids loved every minute of it, and I know I did too.. I know Nicholas wont remember any of the trips and outings we have since he is so young.

Nicholas hand on top of a tigers’ foot print..
But what is more important is that we remember, Kenny and I. We love seeing how excited he gets when he spots another animal in an enclosure. I love how he roars when he sees the tiger, and tries to sound like a goat when he saw them. He even tried to sound like a donkey, and did a pretty good job out of it too.. He might not remember this particular trip to the zoo when he gets older, it is still worth going for the fun he has at this particular point in time. As for the rides, he seems to be just as in to them as his Mamma, and now points out the ones he wants to go on! A few were for kids older and taller than him, but some were just right. He likes speed and spinning around, and on the two rides him and I took together he was just laughing all the way from start to finish!

He obviously doesn’t like waiting in line either, just like his Mamma, as Ken learned at the two rides he took him on.

But the reward of the line up seemed to be worth it!

We ate at one of the Zoo restaurants, I even splurged and had a proper ice cream!

We played games at some of the booths, but Lady Luck evaded us and we started for home without a price, but with tons of movie and photos from our day at the zoo.

We had to be home by around seven as I was invited to Danielle’s birthday dinner and had to get ready. We started out in good time, I was entertaining Nicholas in the back seat and trying to figure out what I was going to wear as Kenny stepped on the brakes.. We were stuck in a traffic jam, all lanes were moving at about a half a metre every five minutes, and we were getting no where. I sat and saw all the time I had set aside to painting my nails, taking a shower and watching Nicholas whilst Ken walked Charlie waste away in a stupid line up.. Safe to say I was loosing it! By the time we got home I was already supposed to have been at Dan’s an hour earlier, I had no chance waiting for Ken to walk Charlie, so Nicholas had to be put back in the stroller and taken out for a walk screaming and howling since he was so tired..I ran upstairs, ripped off the clothes I had been wearing, popped on a dress and heels and ran out the door. I spotted a bracelet that Nicholas had been playing with earlier and popped it on on my way out the door, and that was the beloved getting ready ritual ruined for me!

I usually love the part before you actually leave the house just as much, or even more, than the part where you are out. I love thinking about what to wear and trying on different clothes just to discard them just as fast. Back in the days this ritual used to take place with several of my friends in attendance, we would do each others hair and makeup, chat and drink and try on each others clothes.. Now the ritual has changed somewhat, I stand alone in the bathroom usually, but I still enjoy it. If I’m in the mood I’ll sip on a glass of wine,  and I’ll get ready whilst I’m listening to some music and trying to fend off Nicholas who loves to grab my make-up bag and throw the contents on the floor..

I made it in time to jump in a taxi with the other ladies, I managed to borrow some make-up from Danielle, so I looked presentable. And we had a wonderful time eating yummy food and talking about all and nothing all evening. It felt good to be out, but when the other girls headed for the clubs I took a taxi home with pregnant Emma, and Malin who was going to work in the morning. I was just too tired to go out after such a long day, and the part where we are all sitting down having dinner is more to my liking at the moment anyway!

Now one of my three books await!!

Blog to you soon, I wanna show you all some craft work I did the other day.



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  1. siv says:

    høres ut som om dere har hatt en flott dag 🙂

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