Crafty : Decoupage

I have a natural urge in me to be creative, and when I don’t spend my creativity somewhere I get cranky and moody. I feel unsettled and bored, even when reading! One of my creative outlets is of course this blog. But sometimes that is not enough, and I need to do something else..

So the other day I decided to try my hand on some decoupage. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is basically gluing  and sealing in something on something else. In my case, napkin patterns on letters and frames.

What you need:

  • Decoupage Glue
  • Sissors
  • Paintbrush or roller if it’s something bigger you want to decorate
  • Frame/Box/Letters anything you want to make pretty. If the thing isn’t white you should paint it first, or if it’s a wooden box, use really thick paper, so the surface doesn’t show through the glue. For letters, napkins will work best.
  • Some nice napkins, or other paper that you will use to cover your frame/box/letters..

What you do:

  • Start by cutting the napkin to the size and shape you are going to need. then separate the napkin-layers so you only have the very thin printed paper left. Usually a napkin has about four layers of paper, three white and one with print.

  • Spread a thin layer of glue right on your frame (since the napkins are so thin and would rip if you glued on them) Then place your napkin where you want it, and press gently to make it lay flat. Do this around the whole object but make sure that the napkin doesn’t overlap in places, as you will see I made that mistake and it shows through!!
    The glue will make the napkin tear quite easily, so gentle is the word.. As I soon learnt it wasn’t the easiest of things, but I don’t mind that it looks home made!
  • When you have covered all of your object in paper, take your paint brush and apply another thin layer of glue. Allow this to dry, and repeat several times, the glue will be completely hard and see-through when dry, and seals in the paper.
Below is a picture of my finished picture frames and letters. Easy and fun thing to make, and they look very decorative as well! There is no limit to what you can decorate with decoupage, just read on the glue what it is fore, they have both for textile and paper. And you can decoupage mason jars, glass wear and furniture!!
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    stilig 🙂

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