New Experiences and Old Favourites

Today has been a day of new experiences, and old favourite things rekindled. We started out the day quite late, I got up at nine as I had arranged with the Amelia and Jonathan (our Greek neighbours) that we would head to the Open Daycare today. It has been closed for the summer, and didn’t open until now. I got ready and sat down with my book to wait for Nicholas (a.k.a “Sleepy-head”) to get up..I waited and waited, at 9.30 I went upstairs and opened the door to his bedroom only to find him with his feet on the pillow, and his whole body underneath his cover, I took the cover off and waited for him to wake up, nothing..At 10 I went back up and turned on the lights. Still I waited, and at 10.30 I could wait no longer and took Charlie with me to wake Nicholas. He really does sleep like the dead sometimes…obviously my kid!

The day-care was great! So fun to see how much he has changed in the few weeks it has been closed. Now he both walks and runs everywhere, not crawling in sight. Strange how only five weeks can make such a difference! He enjoyed playing with the other kids there today a lot. There were quite a few older girls (around 3 to 5 years old) and they were in one room dancing and playing around with Nicholas showing his best moves. He was both clapping, stomping his feet, spinning around and shaking his bum, all at the same time. To say that he fell over a few times would definitely be an understatement, he looked like a drunk sailor trying to dance, and it was adorable!!

When we got home around 2 he was totally knackered and went straight to bed. I took that time to cook some yummy avgo lemono soup for dinner. Darn this Greek soup is good! I could probably eat it 3 days a week without getting sick of it, and Nicholas who tasted it for the first time for dinner today agrees! He ate a whole big plate and constantly stole Kenny’s spoon so he could eat his as well! I can’t fathom that this is the same child as the one that would ONLY eat dry bread or store-bought dinner jars when my mother was here. His eating really does go fazes, he started off really good and ate everything, then had a long period that he wouldn’t eat anything, and now he eats like a champion. Everything goes down. Salmon? Check! Garlic? Check! Olives? Check! Everything we let him taste he eats, and I love it! It is so much fun to finally has a child that will eat the same food that I cook for Kenny and me, not to mention how much hassle it saves me when I don’t have to cook two separate dinners!

After dinner we were anxious to go for a bike ride all of us together for the first time. The weather did look rather threatening with black clouds fighting to take over where-ever the grey clouds could be seen. I was sure it was gonna rain, so I dressed Nicholas in his rain proof overall just in case, and off we went.

I had completely forgot how much I actually enjoy riding a bike. This is the first time since before I got pregnant with Nicholas that I’ve been on one. It really is more than a means of transportation, it’s a great place to just think and enjoy the moment as well. Kenny was riding in front of me, and since I had the wind in my ears I couldn’t hear what he was saying, so chatting was out of the question. It resulted in me getting some time to myself at the same time as we were doing something nice together as a family. Plus the feeling of wind in your hair when you go down a steep hill as fast as the bike can carry you, or the sense of accomplishment as you make it up the very same hill on the way back is exhilarating! I took myself in grinning like a fool, and was kind of happy that Ken was riding up front so he didn’t see me! Kenny installed Nicholas’ bike seat yesterday evening, and we wanted to see how he liked it.

It is safe to say it that it was a hit! He was sitting quite contentedly and pointing at both bunny rabbits and passing boats all the way to Kungsholmen. The walk over there normally takes us a good 40 minutes or more, but by bike it took no more than 15 minutes! Nicholas got to play a bit in the park,

and then we went for a quick coffee before we headed home as fast as we could possibly pedal since we started to feel little raindrops in the air when we got out from the coffee shop. It was fun, and fast, and a great way to get some “thinking-time” so all in all I am sure there is going to be many more bike rides in the future!


On a completely different note I was attacked, Ok, maybe not actually attacked but definitely snuck up on by a big massive spider yesterday. For those of you who know my completely crazy fear of spiders, you can probably kinda picture what kid of crazy dance I did. For those of you who don’t know me it will suffice for me to say that I am absolutely, scream like a school girl, scared of spiders..

I was down stairs in the laundry room minding my own business, folding clothes and humming to myself, when I see something in my peripheral-vision. I look down, and there it is. A massive, big, nasty spider scuttling across the floor, with its disgusting long legs. I screamed, loud. Now I know that if I was by any chance to be killed or molested in the laundry room no-one would save me, and no-one would hear me. I actually screamed that loud. The spider crawled over to a corner right underneath the counter where I was folding my clothes, and I just froze. For what seemed like an eternity I just stood there like a statue, and then my brain clicked in and all I could think was RUN!! So I took my laundry bags, threw all my clean unfolded clothes on top of my clean, folded clothes. Simultaneously monitoring the movements of the spider closely, when the clothes were all collected I backed out of there as quick as I could, and I don’t think I started breathing until I got to the elevator. I did some internet research and found out that this was the biggest species of spider in Sweden that I had the “fortune” to meet

Hence forth I am NEVER doing laundry in Laundry Room 2. Ever.


Now I am going to go bake a bit. I am actually trying my hands on some cake pops I’ve been dying to test out!

Blog to you all soon

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2 Responses to New Experiences and Old Favourites

  1. siv says:

    edderkopper er ekle 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    OMG that is huuuuuge!! Håper ikke vi har dem i norge :O Hugs from Joy )

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