Dinner Dates, Other Dates and How I broke My Low Carb Diet

Yeah, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but Kenny has done some big time work on my computer, so I took the chance to just stop blogging for a bit- until he was done. He has been busy every evening burning all our tens of thousands of photos on to DVDs so that we have everything saved in two places, on the external hard drive and on DVDs. Now that he is almost done I feel much more settled. I no longer have to worry that something will happen to the computer and that I will lose all my precious photos. I don’t know about you, but me, I love all and every photo that I have. I am attached to even the bad ones, the ones where Nicholas is not smiling, and where I look ugly and fat. Just because it is a bit of the past preserved, and stored in a place where it wont slowly change, and take on a different form altogether the way a memory can. A photo will stay the same, and when I look at it even years later it triggers something in me, and I remember so much more clearly the circumstances around the time when the picture was taken. I remember who was behind the camera if it wasn’t me, and sometimes I can even recall the sounds, the smells and the feeling of that particular day.

But now the pictures have been stored and duplicated, and I can get back to updating you about the last ten days.

Friday the 12th we had a few of Kenny’s team mates over for dinner. It was a last-minute thing, just decided the day before as the guys had Saturday off. We made Greek food. More specifically Moussaka, oven roasted potatoes, Greek salad and Tzatziki. It was fun to spend an evening with good people stuffing ourselves to the max. But some how I got completely tempted and ended up eating both home-made waffles, and apple pie. And man did that sugar start something that I still haven’t stopped! I’ve been eating carbs for fun ever since. As I’m writing this I am sitting with a massive bowl of popcorn precariously balanced in my lap. Don’t get me wrong, low carb high fat worked great for me, I lost over 10 kg since I started, and I have felt much fresher and more energised too. But now I felt like carbs, and carbs I’m going to eat today as much as I want, before I go back on a low carb diet again. I still have some weight to lose, and I still want to avoid all sugars and flour, it really has felt like my blood sugars have been more stable since I started LCHF, so there is no point in quitting it now!! Just let me finish this bowl of popcorn first! Oh, and Kenny’s birthday celebration is coming up in a few days, and I will be making cake pops again for the occasion and for those of you who don’t know. Cake pops are totally addictive! Last time I made them, they were in the fridge, and Kenny managed to eat them all within two days, so now I have been told not to make any until his birthday as he can’t leave them once he sees them…


On Monday the 15th we surprised Alice Johansson with a little makeshift baby-shower. Alice is pretty much ready to pop this baby out any minute, and has been a bit sick and tired of being pregnant for a while, so we decided to bring the babyshower to her. Danielle picked up some delicious English Scones, as well as clotted cream, Lemon Curd, and marmalade at the English Shop. I baked some cup cakes, Kerry brought a big blue balloon on the bus all the way from the city, and everyone brought their gifts, and we had us a good ol’ time over at Alice’s. I was lucky enough that the boys didn’t have to leave for their away game until around two o’clock, so I left Nicholas at home with Kenny and drove with Emma, Dan, and the kids out to Alice’s house. Win- Win for me, day off from Nicholas, and girl time in one go!! Loved it! Now I just can’t wait to meet Alice and Nisse’s addition to the family as soon as he comes out, which should be soon! There is nothing as precious as that sweet, milky newborn smell..

Nicholas and I have been going to the open day care regularly. When the weather is nice they go outside in the garden, and if it is warm they have a little paddling pool for the kids.. Nicholas got in with his clothes on Thursday and got, well, wet! I thankfully always carry an extra set of clothes with me, so I managed to change him out of the wet clothes and dry him off. He left the pool alone for a while, and I went to get some food warmed up for him. Turned my back for two seconds, and there he was, back in the pool again. WITH HIS CLOTHES ON. This particular day I happened to have two sets of clean clothes with me, but by now I had learned my lesson, as long as  the water was present, he would manage to get wet. So I took his clothes off, and he was allowed to walk around in only his diaper until it was time to empty the pool for singing. I can really see a change in Nicholas now. He really enjoys the singing time so much more now, he dances and does the movements for the different songs. He is definitely not shy, he usually takes his place in the middle of the circle and rocks his diaper off, and basking in the attention he gets from the other moms..

We have had a few rainy days as well as nice and sunny ones, and Autumn is slowly announcing it’s arrival, with the long and beautiful summer we’ve had it feels good to see the trees slowly changing colours, the evenings getting darker, and the air cooler and crisper at night.

Autumn really is my favourite time of the year. Something about the feeling of the newness and excitement as school starts up has always made it the most exciting time for me, I always used to start a year out great, I’d do all my homework, I’d read everything before I went to class, and I’d end this first semester with amazing grades. Then after christmas I always felt that school was dreary and a bit boring, and long for summer, consequently my grades would always drop a bit… Autumn just carries so many possibilities and so much potential, and potential is always more exciting than the actual result I find..

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, and christmas is my favourite holiday of all times, but Autumn somehow has more spirit than all the other seasons. The colours are so vibrant in yellow, reds and orange hues, and just the fact that autumn brings sunny, warm days, as well as chilly rainy ones just makes it a season that is more alive. The fact that I love getting new school supplies, browsing the stores for just the right pen, and just the right books to write in makes it all so much more fun!

Since I don’t go to school now, and Nicholas doesn’t go to school yet I don’t have any reason to be walking in to the bookstore and stationery store several times during a week. Still I find myself turning the stroller that way, and my feet magically seem to carry me over the threshold. You might find this weird, but bookstore smell is really one of the smells that I love the most, along with aforementioned milky newborn smell, and the smell of Belgian waffles.. I just love opening a book, and hear that sound that it makes when it is all new and never has been opened before. So safe to say I was happy when half the books I had ordered for Nicholas on Amazon came in the mail today. So far the Usborne touchy feely books “That’s Not My Car” and “That’s Not My Plane” are favourites. They are simple, and suitable for kids much younger than him. But because I know how much he likes cars and planes I ordered them anyway.

I’ve had a few nice coffee dates since last time I wrote, and I am in the middle of planning how I will decorate Nicholas’ new room. I don’t think I’ll start on it till we get back from Greece in September, but I am slowly deciding on colours and furniture for the room. I hope it will turn out just as nice as I imagine it! I will of course post pictures of both before and after here on the blog for you to see!

Now “Sookeeh” and the rest of True Blood is waiting for me!

Blog to you tomorrow, I’ll share a few pictures of my cake pops and everything then. Right now Ken is still using the external hard drive!



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