Cake Pops!

Finally I’m done after standing in the kitchen for about two hours rolling and dipping to make cake pops for tomorrows birthday party.

Here is a quick cake pop tutorial. I really recommend everyone to give it a try, it is easy, fun, and oh so yummy.

What you need:

  • One already baked cake that has had time to cool (I usually just buy a box-mix cake and prepare it according to the instructions)
  • Frosting. Either from a canned, or home made. If you can’t get finished frosting in your local supermarket I find that nutella or a similar chocolate spread works just fine
  • Lolly pop sticks. If this is difficult to find, you can always use wooden barbecue sticks. I do! They are inexpensive and easy to find!
  • Chocolate Chips  or regular chocolate bars chopped in pieces for faster melting!
  • Cake Sprinkles for easy decorating

What to do: 


  • Take your cooled cake and ruin it completely! Break it in to as small crumbs as possible, don’t leave any big lumps at all. I usually use a fork and my hands for this job!
  • Take a good big spoonfull of your frosting or nutella and start working it into the crumbs. Mix well, and add more nutella until the mixture is moist and sticky enough to form little balls out of. I usually use a mesuring spoon as a scoop to make the cake balls an even size. 

  • Put all the finished little cake balls on a tray covered with a baking sheet in the fridge for about 20 minutes to an hour. This part is important! It will let the cake balls set a bit and make the next step easy-peasy!
  • When the cake balls have set melt your chocolate, either over a hot water bath, or in the microwave. I usually chop up the chocolate and throw it in the microwave first for thirty seconds. Then I take it out and stir, and keep popping it back in for five seconds at a time and stirring in between till it’s done. Be carefull so you don’t burn your chocolate!!
  • Take out four and four cake balls from the fridge and keep all your lollypop sticks available. Dip the tip of the stick into the melted chocolate, about 1-1.5 cm.

  • And stick the stick into the cake ball. No more than two thirds through!! 

  • after you have done the four, put them upside down in the fridge and take out another four. Do this until all your cake balls have sticks in them and have transformed to cake pops!
  • Re-heat your chocolate a bit, so it is really hot and take the four first cake pops out of the fridge. Dip them in the melted chocolate, and make sure to dip and roll so it covers a little bit of the stick too. In the picture below the cake pop is not dipped all the way down yet. After dipping tap the edge of the stick against the side of the bowl so that excess chocolate fall off. I find that the best way to do this is holding the bowl in one hand and tapping with the other, so that the bowl bounces a bit with each tap, and thus takes a bit of the pressure of the cake pop. Keep spinning the cake pop and tapping off excess chocolate till you have a nicely covered cake pop.
  • Then sprinkle your chosen decoration over the cake pop. I always sprinkle over a bowl, so the excess can be used for the next pop.
  •  Then pop the cake pop in the fridge. If you don’t want a flat top on the pop make sure to put it standing up!! I usually put a big latte glass in the fridge door for the this purpose.
Tada!! All done!
Cake pops take a while to make, but can very well be made a day or two before you want to serve them. I actually find that they taste better when they have set a bit!
As for presentation, there is a million ways to present them. Some people prefer standing, stick pointing up, others the other way. I have made an easy serving option out of a flowerpot filled with coffee beans. The beans make it easy to shove the cake pop sticks in at all angles, and the pot is deep enough for quite a few pops. You can also make an easy stand out of styrofoam or a cardboard box.. The pictures here are from last time I made cake pops, I’ll post todays efforts when I post about Kenny’s party!!
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6 Responses to Cake Pops!

  1. Jenny Sandberg says:

    Wow vad fina.Ska testa att göra dessa.Tror mina barn kommer uppskatta dom även mamman o pappan 😉

  2. Jenny Sandberg says:

    Wow vad läckert detta ska jag testa 🙂 .

  3. These are a great idea, I’ve never heard of cake pops before but they look wonderful!

    • They are SO good! Something about a cake pop just makes it so much yummier than real cake, if you google them you will see that they can be decorated in the most amazing way too!

  4. siv says:

    skikkelig bombe, kan skjønne det blir vanskelig å holde lavkarbo med disse 🙂 Lykke til med bursdagsfeiringa, klem

  5. Kaja says:

    That looks so yummy 🙂 Pops are actually one thing I haven’t tried yet, I may have to now 🙂

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