A letter to Nicholas

My Little Boy, you are getting so big!

I can not believe that it has been 18 months since those few hours of labour gave me the biggest reward anyone could have asked for.

Nicholas one day old

Every day I watch you grow and change, and become more and more your own person, and I like what I see. I like the fact that you are sure in yourself and unafraid in new situations. I like the fact that you are almost always happy and content,

and that when you get sad or angry you are easily distracted and don’t hold a grudge. I like how much you love everyone around you, and how you show it even to strangers. Remember that time at Ikea when you went up and hugged an older boy you were playing with, or that time at Open Day Care when you gave one of the other moms a big hug and a kiss? I don’t know how you choose these people, what your criteria are. But you obviously saw something in them that inspired your love and affection.

It is not only strangers you shower with love, you give it to those you know just as much, and there is nothing more precious to me than your sloppy kisses and big hugs. I love you so much Nicholas. At times you have been a bit of a mama’s boy, and at times you prefer daddy over mamma, and both things make my heart melt. The last few weeks you have been clinging to daddy like a little monkey, and I think it makes his heart swell when you come running to him screaming “Babaaaaa”, loud enough for everyone in the whole building to hear. Or when you take my phone and call him, and carry a whole meaningless conversation dotted with “Jaaaa” and long monologues from you. I know it makes my heart burst when you pick up any picture of us and point at it saying “Mamma” and “Baba” and kiss it. And I think it is pretty cool that one of your first words were A.I.K! And that you say it every time you see the AIK logo, or someone playing football.

On the field, cheering the fans with daddy

You really have the whole football thing going right now, your favourite toys are the three different footballs you have, and whenever we go to open daycare the only thing you do is kicking and throwing the ball around. Today you spent an hour running around kicking the ball and laughing out loud as you did it. I know you definitely did NOT get that from your mama. I can with utmost conviction say that you already kick the ball better than I do, and running with the ball I never figured out…

What you can do:

You can climb anything and everything, and daily I find you standing on top of the toilet flushing it again and again. If the gates to the stairs are left open you are up there in no time, and you can both get up and go back down on your own.

You can eat with a fork and with a spoon, and prefer even eating bread with the first. You only drink out of normal cups or glasses, and don’t like it at all if I give you a sippy cup!

You can dance, and know the movements to many songs off by heart. Your favourites are “incy wincy spider”, “hot potato” and “rock a bye bear”

You can run, and seem to have left walking behind at the moment, nothing happens at a slower pace than a quick jog.

What you can say:










cheee (which means cheese)



Ka (Takk)

Go (versågod)

Moooooo (cow)

baaaaaaaaa (sheep)

gakk gakk (duck)

iiiiiiiihhhhiiiiiiii (horse)

pii (means pig, and you usually point at your toes as well)

Ba (= Ball)

So far you don’t say many words that make any sense, but with four languages to sort out I never expected that you would either. You do understand and take direction very well, and most parents seem to be very impressed when I ask you to do something and you promptly carry out whatever task I set you, something you have been able to do since you were only a bit over a year.

You Love TV, and if it was up to you would watch it constantly, some things always make you laugh, like when Donald is so hungry he goes crazy in Mickey and the beanstalk, and when Scrooge think he has slapped and killed Herman the Grasshopper, but Herman really is only hiding. Every time you see that you laugh so loudly, as if that is the funniest thing on the planet.

Other things scare you silly, like the intro to Aladdin, and the evil queen in snow-white and the seven dwarves. (why do they even send that on Disney Jr….) You come running to me as fast as you can, whilst looking behind you to make sure nobody is chasing you, even as you crawl up onto my lap you can’t help but to look a little bit, even if it is scary you seem sure in your belief that I will protect you. And I love that as well.

Another thing that has been scaring you lately is the animals at the 4H farm. You used to be a little pro, walking up to goats, hens and sheep alike without as much as flinching when they loudly announced their presence.

Now you hold on to me for dear life, and if the sheep as much as open their mouth in a little bit of a baaah, your eyes are wild with fright. Even with the fence between you and the sheep the Baaah gets you every time. It will be something to laugh about when you are older, of that I am sure!

You are the best little traveller in the whole wide world, maybe not so strange since you have had no less than 24 flights in your 18 months. You have already been to Norway 3 times, to Greece 2 times, to Canada once and to Gran Canaria once. And soon we are going to travel all the way to Thailand. Not once, on any of those many flights have you cried or been upset, and you have always been so good at sitting down in my lap, or in your seat and play. I thought maybe this last trip to Greece would prove more difficult, now that you can walk and all. But all my fears proved to have been in vain. You sat on mine, or daddy’s lap on the first flight, and on the second we were lucky enough to have a free seat in the middle for you to sleep in, and sleep you did from take off till landing.. On the way back you spent most of the flight asleep on my lap, or playing with your toys.I really hope I didn’t jinx this next Thailand trip now!

Nicholas on his first flight, only 3 months old

I am so proud of how well you adapted the last few days when I was in London and you were home alone with your Grandma. You didn’t have one problem with being without both me and daddy, although you did ask for us a bit. You played and went about your normal business without one incident, or problem. And that is just how it should be! If we lived closer to our family you would have spent many nights away at aunts and uncles houses, or with giagia or grandma. And I am so happy that the fact that you haven’t before, doesn’t mean that you can’t

So Nicholas, as you keep growing and changing we will be here and shower you with love, and encourage your independence just the way we have been. I love the person you are becoming, and together you and I will keep collecting magic, new experiences and share lots of funny moments.

Keep being you!



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5 Responses to A letter to Nicholas

  1. C says:

    Hvorfor blogger du så sjeldent? Savner innleggene dine:(

  2. Randi Nordmo says:

    Koselig brev og koselige bilder!

  3. siv nordmo says:

    Nydeling brev Maria, klem fra mamma/bestemor

  4. This is such a great idea! Now if I can get inspired to keep a blog like this for my kids… 🙂 Check out my page – http://www.raisingnaturalkids.com if you get a chance – it’s especially for parents!

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