Thailand update:)

Hi everyone. Im writing this on my i pad sitting in our koh Chang, Thailand hotel room whilst Nicholas is sleeping in his travel bed next to me. I don’t have Internet in the room, it only reaches the first and second floor of the hotel we are staying in, and I dont have any cords with me to add any photos either (although on second thought I could upload some to Facebook from my phone and use them on the blog for now) we have been here in Thailand for a bit over a week now- and I’ve gotta say it. Thailand totally rocks!! It is beautiful here, and the people are so friendly and good with kids. Nicholas is like a celebrity with his blond curly hair, and I can’t even count the amount of times random Thai tourists have taken pictures of themselves and him together. So funny! The waiters and workers at the hotels and restaurants around here also love him, and it’s basically like having free babysitters most of the day, they just come up to him and play in the sand with him or take him around to look at different things, something he has come to expect now,and if Kenny or I won’t take him to see the turtles or fish, he just goes and grabs a waiter and points to where he wants to go, and they take him. He is being spoilt rotten! 
As for me I’m spending most of my day in the shade under one of the beautiful big trees that grow on the beach- still haven’t gotten much colour, but I just can’t stay in the sun, it’s too hot! Since we arrived we have had between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius every day, Thank god for the beautiful breeze that has made it totally bare able. Nicholas is back to Greek style living and takes his morning nap in the stroller at the beach, he sleeps so good with the sound of the waves as his background music, after spending hours playing in the sand and in the ocean- the ocean which by the way is so incredibly warm, it’s like walking out into a pretty hot shower, and one can stay in for hours without ever getting cold… Life is good here.. Speaking about good, the 1 hour massages that only costs 200- 250 baht, or 50 sek, are pretty darn amazing, I have been enjoying mine on the beach, whilst Kenny has gotten his when nicholas and I have been sleeping in the afternoon. Sometimes I feel like i just have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, it just seems too good to be true here. 

Nicholas has made a few friends as well, one little Russian girl, Maria, and two Thai kids who play with him for hours on the beach, and he is having so much fun. Today they caught a little crab and put in his little inflatable baby pool, and he could have spent hours trying to catch it in there. He also tries to catch the little sand crabs that come out at low tide, but so far he hasnt had much luck, they tend to dig themselves down too fast for him to pin one down..

We have been joined on the island by ails general manager charlee, and some friends of his, as well as the assistant coach, and in a few days  we are expecting another 3 players with their girlfriends here, so we have plenty of people to hang out with, super nice to be able to all go out for dinner together, we end up buying a thousand different dishes and sharing them, and the bill adds up to nothing, the food here is incredibly cheap, and very very tasty!

 As for other news, there is so much that has happened since I last posted, and before i last posted too for that matter. I have gotten a few comments asking about why I stopped writing, and when I will start posting more, and I promise that as soon as we are back from Thailand I will r to write a full update, and post about whatmwe have been up to the last few months. 

What I can say now is that I have some good news to share! So check in once in a while, and I’ll write as soon as I can!

Kisses from Thailand 

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5 Responses to Thailand update:)

  1. Olga says:

    Maria, hello!! It’s me – Olga from Russia and Maria. How are you? How is Nikolas? Masha remember him and tell about him our friends! Maria, write me your e-mail again, please. I’m looking forward to your mail! ( I’m write this post with the dictionary! :-))

  2. Birte says:

    Hellu:) Det vise sae at vi skal til samme plassen!:)

    • Hei! Det e kjempefint her! Veldig rolig å avslappa, ikke helt en pært plass akkurat, men superfin strand, og god mat på nesten alle plassan:) mange billige plassa å bo, vi betale 1500 baht per natt her kor vi bor, og rommet vårt e 70 kvm og fint å reint, det e ca 300 kr pr natt. De har mange mindre rom som e billigere, ca 1000 bhat pr natt, altså ca 200 kr 🙂 x

  3. Kasiani says:

    nice that you’ve found some time to write ….. I am always happy to read from you,…..
    akougete poli telia :o) filakia polla

  4. Siv says:

    Høres fantastisk deilig ut 🙂

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