Happy New Year!

Today is the last day of 2011, and thus a day of recollection and reminiscing at the same time as we are preparing and making resolutions for the new year.
For me 2011 has been an exciting and good year filled with lots of fun family times, but also with some sad moments that brought some change in me.
But change is good, and even though I would have preferred to never have had reasons to be sad or down, I now am at peace with what was lost, and just looking forwards to what the future is bringing.
I embrace change as a perfect opportunity to grow and become better, whether it is a better mom, a better wife, or just a better person. I don’t think I have reached my peak yet, I think I will continue to grow, change and as I experience more I hope to become a better version of myself. Maybe I’ll look back at the 25-year-old me when I am 30 and think how lucky I am to have morphed into something completely different, maybe I won’t. In any case I am open for whatever life brings, so just bring it on! May 2012 be an even better year for me and my family that 2011 was, and may it bring lots of happiness to you as well!

Here are some photos from our Arctic Christmas celebration. We have been spending this year with my family in Tromso, and tonight we are counting in the New Year at my Aunts house with a chilled out celebration.

Nicholas Ready for dinner on Christmas Eve

and ready to open some gifts after dinner

and ready to open even more gifts on Christmas Day

Oh, and for those of you who have been wondering about my little secret. Can you spot it?    A little hint, something really exciting is due to join us in April!

Happy New Year! Family Fun calls!


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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Kasiani says:

    We wish you a happy new year and that your wishes come true.
    Kiss from Kiel/Germany

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