Vacation Pictures part I

I am as always behind on my blog updates, and even if I should be posting pictures from our Christmas and New Year Celebration I am going to go a bit back in time and post some pictures from Thailand instead. We had such an amazing time there, and I just can’t believe it’s been overt three weeks since we got back already. Time honestly just runs away with me. I look around and I don’t understand how people get things done, I’ve got about a million things I should have done, and another long list of things I wish I’d done, and yet I just can’t seem to catch up. I guess sleeping in until 10.30 every day doesn’t really help me get as much as possible out of my day, but man does it feel good!

Vacation is over for Kenny on Monday so he will be leaving Tromso to go back to Stockholm on Friday.Nicholas, Charlie and I will have a prolonged stay here in Norway and as I still haven’t booked a return I actually don’t know when we will be going back. Pre-season starts as soon as he is back, and it is usually a quite busy time with loads of training and training camps, this year they are going away twice, and for quite a while each time so it’s nicer for me to stay up here were I’ve got my family to help out rather than going back and having to take care of Charlie and Nicholas on my own.

I tried to cut down on the amount of pictures to post, but I must admit I find it really really hard.. I suppose you can just scroll through the fast, cause I can’t seem to leave enough out!!

We flew via Istanbul to Bangkok, and the flights went without a hitch, Nicholas is super patient, and a perfect traveler. Bangkok was totally a shock on our senses after such a long trip with little or no sleep, but after a short nap we went out to look around and take in the atmosphere of the city.

What hits you first is the shere amount of people everywhere, the sound of horns beeping and people taking loudly in Thai is overwhelming. The next thing that hits you is the smell,  it smells of food everywhere, and personally I don’t find the smell of deep-fried unidentified fish and spices very alluring. When you then add the smell of the other thousands of different foods the street vendors sell on top of that, and then take the fact that it was 35 degrees celsius in to account you could probably understand that I though it stank.

At first it was just too much for me, I really just had to sit down and catch my breath for a few seconds. But then after a while I got used to it, and on our return to Bangkok after our stay at Koh Chang I didn’t find it disgusting or smelly at all, I think the extreme heat combined with being 5 months pregnant and a bit over sensitive to smell just made it more overwhelming.. Oh, had anyone guessed my secret?

we took a taxi from Bangkok to Koh Chang, it is quite the trip, but we just weren’t tempted by flying again, and thought it would be fun to see some of the areas surrounding Bangkok on the way down there.

Nicholas slept about 2 hours in the car, and the remaining 4 he spent watching the iPad or just looking out the windows. We had a whole minibus to ourselves so we had plenty of space, and the driver stopped three times at different gas stations to that we could go in and buy something to eat and drink, or use the bathroom.

The ferry over from the mainland to Koh Chang looked pretty old and rotten,

and as you see they really don’t care much about safety, they put as many cars as possible on the boat, thus leaving the hatches in the front and rear open.. Not Cool..

But at least there are plenty of life vests on board!

When we got to our hotel we just dropped our stuff in the room, and went down to the beach. And oh was it good to feel the fresh air on our faces and the warm sand between our toes.

That evening and every following evening after taking a little afternoon nap we went out for dinner. Most of the restaurants are located right on the beach. Like literally ON the beach, they start carrying out tables and chairs right before sunset, and transform the whole beach into one long stretch of restaurants.

On our way across the street Nicholas happened to touch the stones on the sidewalk and to his surprise they were nice and warm. We almost couldn’t get him away from there after that great discovery..

So I took the opportunity to get some shots of his hair and how incredibly curly it had got since we arrived.

After dinner Ken decided to try one of the street vendors for dessert, and this guy made incredible pancakes

it’s probably safe to say that Kenny ate about 25 of those pancakes over the following three weeks.. After dessert it was about 9 o’clock and we were pretty tired after having had such a long day, so we went up to the room, gave Nicholas a bath and then he got to watch a bit of Dora the Explorer on the iPad before we all went to bed..

The next morning we found our favourite spot on the beach, and our favourite breakfast restaurant, and we more or less stuck to the same routine the rest of our stay.

Wake up in the morning, feed Nicholas and put sunscreen on him, then he would watch some TV whilst we got all our stuff organized to go to the beach and his sunscreen dried

After that we put a little T-shirt on him, and carried all our stuff down to the beach, and set up camp for the day under our favourite tree, eat breakfast whilst Nicholas played with in the sand, and then just enjoy the whole morning relaxing and playing in the sun. Total bliss..

Nicholas was after the first day known by all the staff at the restaurants in the area, and they would come play with him all the time.

and his favourite place to play was the shower

and his second favourite place to go was up to one of the hotel lobbies to look at the turtles, one of the waiters showed them to him the first day, and to our great despair he fell in love with those turtles and would just take off to go see them about a million times a day, usually he would just grab the nearest waiting staff and make them take him, but after a while we felt so bad for them that we would have to go ourselves..


That’s all for today, I’ll post the rest tomorrow, it’s getting way too late and my  little sister arrives super early tomorrow morning so I’ve got to get to bed!



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