Vacation Pictures Part II

Without further ado, the second instalment of vacation pictures coming up!

The beach was amazing, and the island is so nice and lush and full of vegetation, if you’re lucky, or if you go out of your way by going on an arranged trip you can see both monkeys and snakes. Ken was of the lucky ones and walked by a whole pack of monkeys one day when he went to the store, I didn’t see any, I wish I had, but on the other hand I did see a snake so I did see some wild life at least.

Right before we left for Thailand Kenny was called up with the national team and travelled first to Miami, then St.Kitts and home to Toronto. .Nicholas and I flew up to Norway a few days after his departure to stay for a week to drop of Charlie. He stayed here with my mother and brother whilst we were on vacation since we were coming back here for Christmas. This was the second time in only a month that Kenny left for about 10 days, and Nicholas really really missed him so much. He kept asking about baba and wanted to talk to him on Skype or on the phone all the time, he would go get a framed picture from our wedding and walk around with it and shout BABA!..Baba?

So when we finally “found” Kenny again the day before we left Sweden he became totally obsessed with daddy and for the whole three weeks in Thailand he preferred playing with Kenny rather than with me, and man was it nice! I got to kick back and relax whilst Kenny and Nicholas played in the sand, or ran into the water, or kicked the ball around. I might even go as far as to say that I don’t know who enjoyed playing more, Kenny or Nicholas, total draw.

This little baby pool is the same one as the one I bought on our vacation at Gran Canaria right after Nicholas turned one. It has been my trusted companion on two trips to Greece this summer, to over twenty trips to the parks in Stockholm, and now to Thailand as well and although he can barely fit in there anymore it still provides plenty of water splashing fun. Both for Nicholas and several other kids that he got to know.

Kenny and I had decided in advance that we didn’t want to do lots of excursions and trips when we reached Koh Chang. Usually I would be up for it but between being pregnant and having Nicholas to take care of we just wanted an easy laid back vacation without lots of action. With one exception of course, one can’t visit Elephant Island without going to see the elephants so we took one early morning excursion along with 2 other players and their girlfriends to go ride elephants, and it was fantastic!

Kenny and Nicholas at the elephant camp, Nicholas liked seeing the big animals from a distance, but when they came to close he got a bit scared.

ready to go, and a bit nervous..

We had opted for the shorter one hour elephant ride, as we figured one hour would be more than enough for both us and Nicholas, and also because the two-hour excursion included swimming with the elephants in a river close to the camp. I just didn’t think Nicholas would be too comfortable with riding the elephants without a saddle and having the huge bulk of the animal up close like that, so whilst the other people went off to do their thing we were served fresh pineapple and water and got to hang around the camp.

On their return they saddled up the elephants and we had to go up in something that resembled a scouting tower to get on “our” elephant. As we were waiting in line and people were picking their elephants I whispered to Kenny let’s not get the biggest one..right?  Wrong. The biggest humongous elephant had just lumbered up in front of the tower, and the lady called over to us all the way at the back of the line this one is for you! Family elephant!! So we very soon found ourselves on top of the biggest elephant of them all, a female of 35 years that devoured over 500 kg a day of plants, fruits and other elephant food. And all I could think was OH MY GOD I’M TOO HIGH UP!

our big beautiful mama elephant, photogenic too!

our big beautiful mama elephant, photogenic too!

I’m scared of heights, and being on top of this huge animal, and with the additional extra metre that the saddle added to her already imposing size I was scared. Thankfully the emotion only lasted the first five minutes out of the ride, and Nicholas was to busy squealing with joy and screaming Oi, Oi, to notice that I was holding on pretty tightly.

After the end of our ride, which ended a bit before the other people’s ride we got off the elephant, and got to feed her a whole basket full of bananas.

Kenny is tall, but next to this pretty lady he looks tiny!

It was so much fun, and so nice to see that all the elephants were well taken care of by people who really cared about them they were treated like family by the keepers and spoken gently to by them. I would totally recommend an elephant excursion to anyone going to Koh Chang, super cheap and super fun!

As I wrote earlier we weren’t the only people from AIK to go to Koh Chang this year, and we spent lots of time with the other players and guys that were there. They stayed at a hotel that had a pool with a water slide, so for about an hour every day we would take Nicholas over to their pool  to play a bit whilst we could hang out with the others.

and just FYI this t-shirt was actually white when we first came to Thailand, but after two times in the pool it turned a nasty shade of yellow, and I had to throw it out in the end..


after about an hour it would be time for Nicholas to sleep, so we would walk back down the beach to our “camp” under the tree, and I would put him to sleep in the stroller.

and then we had a bit of relaxing grown up time for about two to three hours before he woke up ready to play.

kenny enjoying some sun and music whilst nicho is sleeping



As this is getting too long again, I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow, I’m off to bed now..



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2 Responses to Vacation Pictures Part II

  1. Marte says:

    Flotte feriebilder, det ser helt fantastisk ut!!! Og gratulerer så mye med graviditeten! 🙂 Jeg har en sønn på 2 år og venter en til i mai – gleder meg! Og syns det er morsomt å følge bloggen din, du skriver veldig bra! Gleder meg til fortsettelsen!

    • Takk Marte! Så koselig at du og venter en liten en til 🙂 jeg har termin 25 april, men regner vel kansje med at lille jenta kommer tre uker før sånn som Nicholas:)

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