Vacation Pictures III

So here goes the third and final round of vacation pictures from our fantastic holiday in Thailand.

After staying almost our whole stay at Koh Chang we left for Bangkok on the 9th of December to spend the last three nights there. We decided to take a taxi back just like we had coming from the city, and the price they gave us on the island was very good so we figured it was just as well.

We got our clothes laundered at one of the dry cleaners at Koh Chang the day before we were due to leave, as we knew we wouldn’t have a chance to get things unpacked and cleaned in Stockholm before we left for Norway. It was super cheap, and they did a great job with both the cleaning and the ironing.

we had planned to take the taxi quite late in the afternoon so that we could spend the whole day at the beach first, but on this particular day it was pretty much over cast so we ended up leaving around 12 pm.

But before we left the beach one of Nicholas waiter friends caught a little gecko so that Nicho got to have a look at it up close.

Then we got Nicholas ready to leave the beach for the last time in 2011.

Nicholas kissed the elephant at our hotel good bye, very important as he had been saying hi and byeeee to the elephant every time we left our room.

and we got in the taxi for the long drive back to Bangkok.

we didn’t know just how long the trip back to Bangkok would be then. Kenny had repeatedly asked the people at the travel agency if the taxi driver was familiar with the road to Bangkok, and if he would know how to find our hotel once he got there, and they had repeatedly reassured us that yes he did, and yes they did. So we got in the taxi, took the boat back across to the mainland, and our adventure started..

After driving for about 30 minutes on some roads I was sure I hadn’t seen, at the same time as I kept telling Kenny that we are driving in the wrong direction, we pull up at something that looks like a mix of a truck stop and a home owned cafe and the taxi driver gets out and starts unloading our luggage. Nicholas had thankfully not fallen asleep so Kenny quickly jumped out to inquire as to what was going on. Our driver clearly didn’t speak much english, but he managed to drag Kenny inside the shop to another lady that did, and she explained to Ken that our driver was NOT familiar with the road to Bangkok, and that he would have problems finding the hotel, so we were to change taxis there and go with another driver the rest of the way. Fair enough, it’s not like we had a choice, we couldn’t very well stay in the middle of no where at a truck stop so we got all our luggage and everything out of the one car and into the other. We got settled and off we went again, this time we drove in yet another direction we hadn’t driven the last time, I was getting pretty annoyed as I knew we were more or less wasting time, so guess how I felt when the new driver after another half an hour pulled over in front of some shabby looking coffee shop in Trat. And just so you know, Trat is NOT on the way to Bangkok! This second driver had just taken a little by route to run some errands in a completely different direction of what we were going, and thus adding another hour and something to an already long drive. After getting back in the car 5 minutes later and with a package in his hand he kept driving, but still just around the streets of Trat. He pulled over a second time, this time to drop off something, and also this time he just got out of the car without any explanation and got back in 10 minutes later just the same..

By this time both Kenny and I were getting pretty annoyed, we wanted Nicholas to have a nap but it was impossible when the driver kept getting in and out. I kept saying to Ken that if he gets out ONE MORE TIME, I think I will lose it. Thankfully he finally drove back out on the main road and continued towards Bangkok. I got Nicholas settled down for a nap, and we were just relaxing. Things were going smoothly, Nicholas had been sleeping for 40 minutes, and all of a sudden the darned guy gets off the highway to stop at a gas station. He gets in line to fill up the car, and tells us that we have to get out of the car whilst they are filling it. Kenny tries to explain that the baby is sleeping and that we would rather stay in the car, but No Can Do, and we have to wake a very very very tired Nicholas up so that they can fill the tank. I can with honesty tell you that I would very well have strangled the guy at that point.

15 minutes later we are allowed back in the car, and off we go. I have one very tired Nicholas in a bad mood squirming to get comfortable between me and Kenny, and all I’m thinking is that this guy better know the  way around Bangkok when we get there.

More than 9 hours after we left Koh Chang we finally get to Bangkok (a trip that took us less that six going there, and there was NO traffic) and the driver is driving around, making phone calls to the hotel and to other Thai people, and trying to find the hotel. And  all I can think to myself is, jeeeeezuz dude, pull a Bangkok taxi over and ask for the way to the hotel, follow the car and voila!.

But polite as I am I never say it, and I almost curse myself when the guy finally 30-something minutes later does just that, gets out of the car, flags down a cab, and after another 10 minutes we are FINALLY at our beautiful Bangkok hotel, located as centrally as it can get right next to the Siam Paragon shopping centre. Safe to say we get our stuff out of that car as soon as we possibly can, and a very excited Nicholas gets to run off some steam downstairs in the lobby that has been beautifully decorated for Christmas. I of course managed to take NO pictures at all from the hotel, as my camera was uncharged at the time, and I was just too lazy to…

The next day we went shopping and window shopping, the first at the MBK and the second at Siam Paragon- a total luxury mall, so many nice things, and most of it actually more expensive than it is in european stores.

christmas decorations outside siam paragon

I fell in love with a Mulberry Tillie handbag that was in the window display at the Mulberry store, and Kenny repeatedly told me that we were NOT going to buy things that would be cheaper in Europe. Which of course made total sense, and with wistful eyes I left the beautiful handbag there at the store.

The next day we went to the reason we had decided to stay so close to Siam Paragon, namely the Siam Ocean World. And it was great, on the way into the shopping centre some lady was passing out coupons for the Ocean World, and it was pretty cheap to begin with so we got a good deal.

They had everything there, from these fun-to-play-with moulded penguins to the actual real-deal cute fellows themselves.

Nicholas really liked these little cuties

There was a little play area for the kids, so we let Nicholas go crazy in there for a while

And then we walked on to look around

Our coupon gave us access to the back of house tour, as well as a glass bottom boat ride in the biggest salt water tank. Nicholas really enjoyed the boat ride, it was quite cool to see the sharks swim around beneath the surface!

You obviously can’t go to a giant aquarium without looking at fish..

and on top of the normal aquarium experiences they had a little “fish spa” where you could sit with your feet in water and have little fish nibble away at dry skin. I was not really willing to try it, as I find the though of little fish eating at my feet a little bit scary, and I am super tickly under my feet so I took a pass, but Kenny was of course willing to give it a go!

There was a fun aquarium section where they among one refrigerator-aquarium, and one toaster oven- aquarium had this tuk-tuk aquarium.

and this stick your head in aquarium

Nicholas didn’t want to come out after…

There were even some christmas decorations in there, so Nicholas got to have a good look at one of the christmas trees

And then we went back out to the shopping centre so that Nicholas could sleep in the stroller while we looked around.

ready to go to sleep, just peeking out the back of the stroller at us first


I obviously couldn’t do a lot of shopping in Thailand, being pregnant is really not catered for when it comes to clothes, and there was no way I could buy the dainty little dresses in one size that they sell, to my great frustration might I add. So I spent most days just looking at tons of things I would have loved to buy but just didn’t dare to in case they wouldn’t fit when I’m not pregnant. Ken got himself some t-shirts and stuff, but really all we bought were christmas gifts.

On the 12th of December we were due to leave Thailand to go back home, and that day actually happens to be our anniversary. This year was our second anniversary and on the day before we left Kenny took me out for a nice dinner (with Nicholas of course) and then we went to Siam Paragon, as this was the closest place for us to go hang out or eat. Kenny was leading the way, and he took me to the Mulberry Store, and told me I could go pick out the bag that I wanted, the one I fell in love with two days earlier! And yes I know I’m  a lucky girl! So then there was the big decision on colour, and in the end I ended up with the one I had seen in the window!

here is that particular days worth of shopping, the shoes are of course for me, and they were dirt cheap, like 200 kr for three pairs! I could have bought a hundred, and if I wasn’t pregnant and therefore only wearing flats I would have!

A picture of my beautiful tillie will have to wait, as I never took it out in Thailand, and since I’m not posting pictures from after here!

Safe to say our trip was really lovely, and that we really hope to go back to Thailand again   sometime in the next few years!



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2 Responses to Vacation Pictures III

  1. Marte says:

    Og så heldig du er som har fått den veska! Gleder meg til å se bilde av den!!!

  2. Marte says:

    For en taxitur!!!!!!!!!!! Jeg hadde blitt sprø!!!!!!! Og man blir jo ekstra stressa når man har med seg en liten en også. Syns dere taklet det bra! Ellers ser ferien fortsatt helt fantastisk ut:) Så skjønn Nicholas var på bilde hvor han sier hadet til elefanten! 🙂 Herlig 🙂

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