The Long Awaited Christmas Post

Yeah, here it finally is. I managed to take 1 hour out of my day (read;night) to finally write a bit about our beautiful Christmas.
As many of you who know me know I am crazy about christmas, it is totally my favorite time of year, and we chose to get married in December for that reason among others.
This year I kind of felt like I was missing out on the joys of the season since we were in Thailand most of December, so when we finally got to norway I was pretty bummed to discover that there was no snow! usually we would have a big, nice fluffy blanket covering everything by late November,but this year typically had to be the warmest December recorded in the history of weather recordings in tromsø.
We did our best to get back into the Christmas spirit as soon as we got here, we played our favourite Christmas songs all day long, and I was wrapping Christmas presents to the point of being a bit fanatic, I even ended up wrapping most of my brother’s presents too as I actually take pleasure in the whole process of choosing a nice wrapping paper, and ribbon to match!

We made out traditional gingerbread house. My brother and I designed and made one,

and I bought one ready made and assembled it for Nicholas to decorate, he ate just as many little chocolates as he actually put on the house.






And this is how our two houses turned out,


Nicholas decorated the little one all by himself, minus the pink icing that i added at the very end


When the snow finally came daddy, thio, and nicholas enjoyed some outdoor playtime




Nicholas came In with rosy cheeks and smelling that distinctly fresh smell that kids have after playing outside in the cold snow



In Norway the biggest day of Christmas is Christmas eve the 24th, that is when we open presents and have our big Christmas get together. This year we were lucky enough that my cousin and her family also was spending Christmas in tromso, and we all celebrated together at my aunts house. I don’t have too many pictures from the evening as I kept taking the wrong camera to shoot with! When I got home I realized I had been taking pictures with my cousins’ grandfather’s camera the whole night- he also uses nikon..

But here are the shots I got, first from the 24th in the morning, we opened our stockings that day, and I had made sure that everyone got something:)




We got ready to go to my aunts house quite early, much earlier than usual in fact as Idunn, my cousins daughter goes to bed very very early, and we wanted to open gifts and dance around the Christmas tree before she passes out.

Here is the family ready for Christmas Eve



And here we are dancing around the Christmas tree after dinner, this is very much a scandinavian tradition, and in Sweden they also dance around the maypole at midsummer



After dinner and dancing we opened presents

Nicholas and Idunn opened some together..


And then Nicholas handed out some before he opened some of his own


Idunn, who was recovering from a flue, enjoyed sitting and watching the iPad with Nicholas whilst we grownups ate dessert and played board games


On the 25th we opened the rest of our presents at home in good ol’ canadian style, and Nicholas could hardly sit still



And then the second Christmas day my mother hosted a big brunch/dinner at our place that was really nice, we managed to get 18 grownups and two kids and a dog to fit in the not so huge living room, and the food was great.



New years eve was celebrated at my aunts house, and the fireworks were beautiful this year, it felt like it went on forever. I have been looking for this post for three days now on the wordpress for iPad app, and it has been disappearing on me every time I’ve found it before I’ve had a chance to it publish, so please forgive my abrupt and saddle end’ I have to publish this before it disappears again, and then figure out what on earth I am doing wrong!


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2 Responses to The Long Awaited Christmas Post

  1. Olga says:

    Maria! Hello!! I and my Maria congratulate you and Nikolas? and Kenny with New Year and Christmas!! your photos is very good!! Maria? if you wont? you can find me on Skype – Kabozika. i tred to find you, but I can’t to do this. Olga and Maria from Russia. : – ))

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