Nearly there! Stream of consciousness

I am nearly there! My first ever crocheted creation is nearly done. I have made 80 patches, and have started the process of crocheting them all together now, when that is done I need to crochet something nice all the way around the edge of the blanket and it will be done!

Here is what it looks like so far.



And this right here has been keeping me pretty busy over the last two weeks! I’ve been crocheting every spare moment, so blogging has as usual been put to the side. Thus is post in stream of consciousness to get most of what I’ve been up to out all at once. Sometimes that is the only way.

Nicholas has been a bit I’ll the last few days, a slight fever and hasn’t wanted to eat anything so he has been more clingy than usual too, I just hope he feels better tomorrow. I hate seeing him when he isn’t feeling great. Not to mention how bored we both are getting with staying in the house all the time. I just wish it would snow soon so we can go outside and play!

The sun has returned here,


and as tradition usually calls for solboller (sun buns) and hot chocolate figured this was one tradition Nicholas couldn’t afford to miss! Well he ended up getting double instead. My uncle invited nicholas and me over for traditional solboller on the day itself and as my sister and I had baked buns and made hot chocolate already we ended up doing two days in a row.

20120127-005646.jpg nicholas helped baking of course.

yes I look like a total slob in this photo and I know it, posture girl posture!

Nicholas loved the buns, and wouldn’t touch the hot chocolate- which ultimately is pretty ok as there is sugar enough to put a person in to sugars chock in only one bun, and he managed to devour three. Whilst saying Nam Nam in-between each bite.




Kenny is in turkey at the moment at training camp, and from what I’ve seen of the weather reports down there I am not jealous at all! It has been raining cats and dogs since they arrived pretty much, and the temperatures aren’t great either. Nicholas runs to the computer four times a day yelling pappa pappa! He wants to talk to Kenny on Skype, and he gets really upset if Kenny doesn’t pick up too.. Funny how technologically savvy little kids are these days, he doesn’t find anything strange in Kenny being inside the computer talking to him. I remember my brother and I fantasizing about having phones that showed picture as well as voice, and now it’s just a given that they do, things change so fast!

Nicholas has been busy drawing quite a bit lately, thankfully mostlyon paper although he did decorate the white front door twice. I’m just happy it was pencil and washed off easily!



Tromso international film festival TIFF was on last week and my best friend Amrita came home from London to spend some time here with me and her family, and see movies with her mother and sister. It was amazing to have some time with her, felt like forever since last time although I went to visit her in London only a few months ago. I was 11 weeks pregnant at the time and now I’m over 27 weeks.. Feels so short ago pregnancy wise and so long ago when I think of all the things that has happened since!

Well that’s it for now, hope my ramblings make some sort of sense, and I am looking forwards to being done with my crocheting project soon so I have some time to blog!




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