Done, done and done!

I have finished three crocheting projects over the last two days, and I thought i’d show you how the finished products turned out, but first a few pictures from yesterdays trip to town centre and this evenings trip to the local play land. Nicholas had such a good time there, and it was so nice that my mother came along and took care of most of the playing with him too. With my now rather big belly it’s kinda hard to be climbing around and jumping on the trampoline!

Nicholas playing with the statues outside the library

doing what he does best at the moment.. screaming NO!

my sister trying to herd nicholas in the direction we are heading, as opposed to running the other way

Nicholas loves picking up every little pebble and lump of ice he can find, and it usually keeps us pretty much stuck in one spot as there are a thousand of them

Today our great plan to go meet some other mums and children fell through after I realized that the busses don’t start running on Sundays before 12pm. Nicholas passed out about 11.30 and slept for three whole hours, and by the time we were ready to leave the house they had all gone home. This is one of the things with having a child that can take you a while to get used to, being able to see when something just isn’t worth the hassle of doing as it would ruin the rest of the day completely. Fortunately Nicholas can sleep in his stroller anywhere so usually I can just take him with me whether he is sleeping or now. But today was one of those days where a proper nap in his own crib at the exact time he started to get tired was needed. So I had to cancel in the end, but I think the reward of having a really happy and well rested Nicholas was worth it. And I hope to be able to get together with the girls soon enough!

After Nicholas very long nap I felt like doing something fun, so my mum and I went to the local play land for the first time. Success. Nicholas must have burned about a million calories running for so many hours in there.

Nicholas favourite thing there were all the coloured plastic and foam balls that were lying just about everywhere. He kept collecting four or five of them in his little arms, carrying them with him as if they were the most precious of toys. He wouldn’t even let them go to climb the stairs. We are definitely going back there before we leave for Sweden!

And now, for my crocheting projects

tadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (drumroll) Here is the final result of my first ever crocheting project!

I have yet to steam it so it will be all nice and flat, but I don’t really think I’m going to bother with it either, not until I get back to Sweden at least! The colours are very hard to capture on camera right now as it is completely dark outside, and the light inside has such a yellow tone. Here are a few more close ups!

Before I put the scalloped edging on the blanket I crocheted this basket yesterday, right now it’s stuffed to the very limit of its capacity with yarn, but really I’m going to use it in our baby girl’s room for soft baby toys. I’m making another matching one too.

And then last night I crocheted this little cute baby hat, and added a little flower to it today.

I know the doll is a bit freaky, but it was the only way to show it properly!

And it even matches the blanket as I made it out of some of the left over yarn!

Yay me for finishing, and no on to the next project. I’m going to make a nice afghan for Nicholas in some boyish colours, and try to make some baby clothes for our little girl!

What do you think?



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5 Responses to Done, done and done!

  1. Kasiani says:

    in germany we say: practise makes the master…. with the time yours become also better and better and sometime,….filakia

  2. Kasiani says:

    wow,thats very good maria.

  3. Joy says:

    Very nice!! 🙂

    • takker og bukker 🙂 må bare finne ut av de litt mere kompliserte oppskriftene, for nå sitter jeg bare å klør meg i hodet av de! vil så gjerne lage en liten jakke eller noe!

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