These Boots are Made for Walking

Well, technically is suppose it should p be this boot is made for walking, and really it’s not even for walking but just for laying around in.. I should have just come up with a different title of the post all together!

Here is my first ever little crocheted baby slipper, now I just have to make the second one tomorrow, as I’m out of pink yarn to crochet with!




It took me just about a million hours to do this (really, about four hours for this little thing) and not because it takes long to crochet, but because I keep counting every row I do about 6 times to make sure, completely sure,that I am doing it right! Well in the end it did work out right so I think next slipper will take less time:)

My mother took Nicholas with her to the play land again today after work, and she said he had a blast. He came back jumping up and down on the floor shouting weeee to tell me he had been on the slide, and trampoline. We still do a lot of this kind of “talking” around here.

Back to my crocheting!


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4 Responses to These Boots are Made for Walking

  1. Marte says:

    Så flink du er! Jeg er av typen som har kjøpt Baby Boot og som heklet et liiiite vognteppe a la ditt til sønnen min før han ble født og tenker at jeg bruker det samme til lillebror…;P

    • hahaha. Ja men du heklet i hvertfall noe til storebror da! Jeg har ikke begynt før nå,så nå må jeg lage stort teppe til Nicholas også! synes bare det er så gøy nå når jeg endelig kan og får til! har så lyst å bli flink nok til å lage sånne fine jakker og greier, så mye søte oppskrifter på!

  2. shoes says:

    Great job! I am envious of people who can sew, knit, crochet, etc. If I were to attempt to make such a wee slipper (or any slipper really) it would take me a million hours instead of four. 🙂

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