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Toddler Meltdown, or The Onset of The Terrible Twos..

Today has been a trying day to say the least. Nicholas woke up before eight, and he was grouchy as hell. He had done a number too in his diaper, and thus woke up before he was finished getting his … Continue reading

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When the Cat is Away….

The mouse comes out to play. Or so the saying goes.. I just happened to have been sort of “out playing” today.. That is I went shopping, and I usually don’t shop much, and I usually don’t spend lots of … Continue reading

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Love to Share

Today was a good day! Lots of love flying around with the dust particles that are covering Stockholm now that the snow is gone. Nicholas and I got up at 8, and played and kept ourselves busy in the house … Continue reading

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Tea for Two (plus 3)

Today went more or less according to plan, except we didn’t go to the mall, and we didn’t do anything creative. But we didmanage to get up at 8, and have Nicholas nap at 12 again, and only two hours … Continue reading

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