Making waffles and Other Things

Monday was one of the coldest days ever recorded here it Tromsø. They measured -18,3 at the local weather station, just 0.1 above the lowest ever recorded temperature. It is safe to say it was freezing! It was too cold to go outside with Nicholas, and too cold to take Charlie out for more than two seconds at a time. So we were stuck inside once more, and as both Nicholas and I have had enough of staying inside we had to think of something nice to do, and as nice things to do quite often tend to involve something nice to eat I decided to make waffles for us. Nicholas helped out with the batter making, but then he went to watch his beloved Elmo on the iPad whilst I took care of the rest of the waffle making. Not the healthiest of lunches, but well needed on a day like that






The weekend was spent for nicholas playing with the newly acquired play-doh, taking long baths to pass too much indoor time and hanging out with my mum who was of course home from work during the weekend.



At the moment he is still full on in to saying NO to anything and everything you ask, which can be quite frustrating actually. He even said NO to go to the play land on Monday, but thankfully when my mum asked for the third time he got it and said yes. My mum and Nicholas dropped me off at a girlfriends house and off they went to the play land to spend some energy. My mum ensures me that he is getting much much more self assured and daring over the last two times they have been. He now climbs and jumps on everything without the least bit of fear.

Tuesday Nicholas and I had plans to go to the city, but a really bad nights sleep put a bit of a stopper for those plans, we ended up crashing for three whole hours during nap-time instead. I feel like this third trimester really is much more tiring than the second one. I’ve started getting the urge to nap during the afternoons again, and feel a bit more tired in the evenings too.
I also have quite a lot of pain in my hips now, so walking is a bit of a joke. Distances that would take me 5 minutes before literally takes me 15 now. I look like a waddling duck, and feel like one too! Especially when I’m pushing the stroller as well, Nicholas ways 14 kg, and with the added weight of the diaper bag and stroller I’m barely managing the hills around here.

Yesterday Nicholas and I took the bus to the town centre and went yarn shopping for my latest crocheting project, after getting what I needed we went to the library and spent a good hour there playing and reading books, he was not so interested in the books actually, far more so in the little play kitchen they had in one corner. But we did manage to look through some books, after eating a bit of lunch there him and I went for coffee with my friend Marit who is in town at the moment. My mother called me on the way home from work and volunteered to take Nicholas home so I could do some shopping and spend some grownup time with my friend. We ended up staying in the city until 10.30 as my brother joined us for a “drink” and dinner at a local restaurant.
It is so amazing to be able to do these things, having someone to actually babysit Nicholas so I can do my own things is such a strange experience but totally totally amazing! I hope all of you readers who live close to friends and family that can babysit appreciate what you’ve got! Soon it’s back to the same old for me, with no help available so I am taking full advantage whilst I’m here!

Since last time I wrote I have made a few different crocheting projects. Another basket to match the first one I made


At my friends house I made this little thing to decorate jam jars with, perfect for home made sweet hostess gifts!



And over the last few days I’ve been crocheting on this baby blanket, now I just can’t make up my mind whether to end with the pink boarder, or put one more line of white at the very edge




Anyone who has an opinion let me know!

Today my sister was home from work, so I went to the city alone to take care of some errands, and I couldn’t help shopping a bit on the sales at unites colors of benetton, too many cute little girl clothes, so I just had to buy a few, after all little baby will be here soon! I’m 30 weeks soon! Nicholas came at 37!

This is what I look like today!




My belly has a totally different shape than it did when I was expecting Nicholas, I am carrying much lower and wider this time, and let me tell you, it is way more comfortable! Last time my ribcage felt like it was breaking from the 5th month until he was borne, and I couldn’t sit without being uncomfortable, this time I don’t feel any pain at all in my ribcage, and I can even lay on my back without feeling like I’m choking!

Here is what I ended up buying on sale, minus a nice lavender snowsuit I bought that is downstairs at the moment!


The jacket is exactly the same as the red one Nicholas was gifted by his god father and has been wearing every day since, it was on sale now so I bought one for next year. It’s a down filled super nice, comfy and warm jacket. On sale from 599 to 209 kroner! Crazy cheap!

The dresses were so adorable that I couldn’t pass them by, and the little jumpers and shoes likewise..




That’s it for now, off to bed as we have a fully packed day ahead of us to tomorrow!

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One Response to Making waffles and Other Things

  1. ami says:

    this is so cozy to read!!! YOur crotcheting is amazing!!
    lots of love to you nicholas and your little bump!

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