Nicholas’ New “Do”

As I mentioned we went and gave Nicholas his very first haircut yesterday, I tried my best to explain to the guy working there that we wanted to keep most of the length, keep the curls, just cut a little bit in the neck area and give him a side cut fringe so he could see without constantly swiping hair out of his eyes… I don’t think he got it at all!!

pre-haircut Nicholas, chilled out surfer look. just a tad too long

And here we are getting it cut.. He didn’t like it at all in the beginning, especially when the guy was spraying cold water all over his hair and face.. But with the iPod and Dora the Explorer and his very first lollypop things got better

curls on the floor..

all done! And look what a big BOY!

ready to play ball!

It was all I could do not to cry when I saw him, all of a sudden he was no longer my little baby, but a big boy soon to start daycare! Both Kenny and I didn’t like the new look very much, too “Nick Carter” from Backstreet Boys-ish. But after a good old shower back home he looks much much better, the curls came back, and when it grows out a bit I think he will look super cool!



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2 Responses to Nicholas’ New “Do”

  1. Siv says:

    Han blei no ganske søt da, selv om det blei litt kort :)og ja han så mye større ut, klem mamma

  2. ami says:

    im so glad his curls came back!! xx

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