Breakfast in bed

Having breakfast in bed is never wrong, especially when it comes served by my boys after a good ol’ lay in!


I put Nicholas to bed right before 8pm last night, we got up at 6.30 as I am trying to get him on an earlier schedule so it will work out right with his new daycare.
I didn’t set an alarm for today, because he went to bed early, and usually sleeps 12 hours, I figured he would be up at 8 anyways. Ken told me he didn’t get up until 10am! Even though he had a nearly 3 hour nap yesterday! That kinda messes up my plan, so we are back at napping at 1pm today, and I will set the alarm again tomorrow morning, I love having a big sleeper- but I foresee that starting daycare and the change in sleeping schedule it requires will be tough!


Right now Kenny is playing backgammon with Nicholas. Or Nicholas is playing with the dice!



Later today we are off to buy some storage-bins, and a quick trip to ikea for some screws and bolts. Will be back with a post later on!


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