A little nesting

Today Nicholas was feeling a bit better, so when Kenny came home we went to pick up a new ikea crib, one where one side is removable so it becomes a toddler bed. Basic, but works for our needs. Nicholas will take over this new crib, and the new princess will take over his old one.

This is the new crib, “gulliver” from ikea.

Then we drove straight from getting it to bromma blocks, I stopped by expert to print out some pictures for the frames I bought five (!) months ago, we are making a family wall in the staircase, but so far I only picked photos of half the family. I filled the rest of the frames with ones of nicholas, and will have to replace them once the rest of the pictures have been printed! I’m getting Ken’s help with nailing them up tomorrow.


Some of the pictures ready for the wall.

Then we went to the mall, and they have made a new playroom there to Nicholas great enjoyment. Ken and I had to buy our coffees to go, and then go sit in there and drink them. Which means I drunk it, whilst Kenny and Nicholas played like two crazy kids!



This is one of the things I absolutely love about Sweden, they are catering to people with kids and families everywhere there are always highchairs in the coffee shops, just about everywhere they let you bring the strollers in, and they are just great with kids in general. Tromsø you have some catching up to do here!!

I stopped by babyland to try out a carrying shawl for the new baby, never had one for Nicholas, used the babybjørn once he was old enough and never needed one before then. But with two kids i suspect being able to have both hands free to help Nicholas at the same time as I am carrying the little one will be essential.

Tried it in the store- loved it! I tried it with this life size babydoll they had, and it supported the weight of it perfectly. I could even pick up nicholas and carry him at my hip at the same time! I promptly ordered this one when I got home


Moby-Wrap UV in sand.
I kinda wanted a black one, but since I’ll be using it the mostly during the summer months I figured that would be extremely warm, and crash with my summer wardrobe anyways. I leaned towards getting this really nice coral pink one, but Kenny reminded me that that would mean he couldn’t wear it- and I see his point, so sand it was!
You can check out moby wraps

Oh and then I saw this little cute dummy-holder, I had the same in a giraffe version for Nicholas, so I got this for the little princess.


Speaking about princesses, Sweden’s crown princess Victoria gave birth to her little princess early this morning! I have to admit I cried a tear or two when I saw the clip of the proud father announcing that a princess had been born. I do cry for everything mind you. Makes me want mine to come even more!!
Wonder what her name will be, and hope it’s not christina. Wouldn’t want everyone to think we named our girl after the new little princess!!

Now it’s off to bed. Tomorrow awaits the last day with Kenny before he is off with the Canadian national team to play a game in Cyprus, and then straight from there to USA to meet AIK for pre-season training camp. A day filled with laundry, assembling ikea wardrobes, and some fun and play for Nicholas..

Ps. Any of you readers have any experience with carrying shawls? If so did you like it?

Good night!

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4 Responses to A little nesting

  1. Marte :) says:

    Moby Wrap så veldig behagelig ut… Jeg brukte også bare BabyBjörn sin da Daniel var liten, men du har noen gode poeng med at det kan være enda mer behov for å ha hendene frie denne gangen.. Og det er jo mange som har mye negativt og si om BabyBjörn også, så nå er jeg litt usikker.. Vi har jo den enda…men kanskje vi burde kjøpe et sjal isteden denne gangen. Ihvertfall til “nyfødt-tida”. Er det mye billigere å bestille fra den nettsida du linket til enn å kjøpe i butikk?

    • Jeg tror som regel det er billigst på nett, men siden du bor i Norge ville jeg sjekket ut diverse norske nettsteder som selger.

      http://www2.tettinntil.no/ kan du lese alt om sjalbæring og der kan du sikkert og finne ut om hvor d er billigst å kjøpe! om du bor i en litt større by kan du jo sjekke på finn, mange bruker de jo kun til ett barn, og selger etterpå, så da kan d være mange penger å spare! Sjekk først hva de går for ny på nettet!

  2. Veronika says:

    Flotte rammer! Hvor har du kjøpt de?

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