Grass Widow Again

After just a week together with Kenny, he left us this morning to go with the Canadian National Team to Cyprus, and straight from there to meet his team AIK in Portland. So now Nicholas, Charlie and I am home alone for the next 10 days. Usually I don’t mind when he leaves, but this time it’s kinda hard, mostly because my lower back and hips are giving me much grief in this pregnancy, and walking the dog at the same time as pushing the stroller is pretty grueling. But this too shall pass, and soon he will be back home with my beloved Donkey stroller that I am looking forwards to trying out, plus a whole lot of other things that were on the shopping list,like

  • baby Tylenol (liquid pain relief, much easier to give to a sick baby, you don’t have to drag the diaper off),
  • pyjamas with “feet” for Nicholas, The Children’s Place sells them up to 4 years ( I can hardly find them large enough here, and he always pulls off his socks in bed.

and things from Babies R us and Target.

I really wish I could have been the one to browse the stores in the states, but that will have to wait until this christmas when we are going back to Canada, and can take a little trip over the border to Niagara.


Today we have had the most lazy and unproductive day in a loong time. Nicholas got up around 8, right when he has to for his new nursery schedule. So even though Kenny and I didn’t hit the sack until around 2.30 am we had to get up. My back was killing me, so we just took it easy inside the house, drawing and reading books until his nap time at 12. After I put him down for his nap I spent about 45 minutes on the computer before I decided to nap an hour or so on the sofa- too bad Nicholas decided that today was a great day for a 3 hour nap. So we slept until 3.. Two whole hours on the sofa in the exact same position is not recommended when you have back and pelvis pain. I though I wouldn’t be able to walk up the stairs to get Nicholas after, my legs were just about numb!

I don’t know about you, but days like these at home make me stir crazy, and make me feel like the worst mum ever when Nicholas is watching the fourth TV cartoon of the day..

Nicholas watching Clifford the Big Red Dog on the Ipad, and quite happily – still it makes me feel like a terrible mum!

So tomorrow is going to be better! Alice is coming over with her boys after lunch sometime to play, so some stimulation for Nicholas is guaranteed. I am also planning on going down to the mall a quick round so that i can pick up some crafts stuff for me and Nicholas to do. I was thinking of making a painting on canvas or something.. I’ll have to see what I can find.

Here are a few iPhone pictures from this afternoon!

Nicholas does this a thousand times a day, gets on the bike- closes the safety-belt buckle, and yells “STUCK! Oh no!” at the top of his lungs!

Nicholas reading in his little chair.


This giraffe is something we picked up in Thailand. Not only a cute decoration, but also a lamp!

Cute or what??!!

Sorry about the lack of proper pictures, Kenny took the newest Mac with him, and my old one doesn’t have a memory-card slot, so I couldn’t be bothered getting up to find the cord to transfer some real  camera pictures..


These kind of days might be boring, but they are also a necessity, I feel like I have now re-charged my batteries, and that I will make a conscious effort to make the rest of our time alone more interesting and fun, whatever the cost! Now I am going to get busy crocheting some patches so I feel like I have achieved something today!


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2 Responses to Grass Widow Again

  1. Marte says:

    Jeg syns du er superflink! Og du har INGEN grunn til å ha dårlig samvittighet, selv om jeg skjønner akkurat hva du mener. Men du skal tross alt være alene i 10 dager med en vilter 2-åring og er så og si høygravid…det sier seg selv at ikke alle dager kan være fulle av action 😉 Og jeg tror heller ingen 2-åring tar skade av rolige dager og kanskje litt mer tv-titting enn vi ser for oss er greit. Det er jo ikke normalen! 🙂 Syns du skal gi deg selv et klapp på skuldra istedenfor å ha dårlig samvittighet! Klem og bøtter av forståelse sendes din vei! (Vi har også hund, 2-åring og venter nr 2 i begynnelsen av mai så jeg har virkelig bøtter av forståelse 😉

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