Tea for Two (plus 3)

Today went more or less according to plan, except we didn’t go to the mall, and we didn’t do anything creative. But we didmanage to get up at 8, and have Nicholas nap at 12 again, and only two hours today, which is all he gets at the nursery so he had better get used to it!

In the morning we baked cup cakes, just threw together a quick batch since we were having Alice Johansson over with her two sons for a playdate after lunch. Nicholas proudly helped me stir the batter mix, and when he got some on his fingers exclaimed, yummy! But then when I decided it was time to hand over the bowl-licking-duty I’ve so proudly kept up until now, over to my son, he wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole! He ran away screaming No No No , and I admit I quite happily watched him run away. My bowl licking days are yet not done!

Alice came and I prepared a Tea for the two of us, that is we were the ones with the proper heirloom porcelain, the kids got the regular ikea stuff, although they did get to use silver forks!

The cup cakes out of the oven

Decorated with a bit of chocolate frosting

The table set for tea, I love my china! My grandfather bought it for my great grandmother and Great grandfather when he and his brother were studying to become dentists in Kiel, Germany. Just the fact that the brothers picked it for their parents, and then managed to bring it aaaaall the long way up from Germany to northern Norway by train makes it special to me- even though my grandmother assured me that it wasn’t worth much when she gave it to me for my birthday one year.

This is another thing I absolutely adore- my silver cutlery. My grandmother gave me the first few cake forks as part of our wedding present, and now I get something every birthday and Christmas. This is a very common tradition in Norway, but usually people start collecting very young- so I still have far to go until I have a full set of silver. My pattern is called tele- and I picked it because it looks very traditional and Norwegian, something I just appreciate more when I’m living away from norway.



Nicholas had so much fun playing with Lucas today, they were playing tag, and with cars, and seemed to get along real good. It was so obvious that Lucas got that Nicholas was smaller- and he really put up with everything that Nicholas did, such as hugging him real tight, to the point of suffocation tight, and crawling all over him when they were watching tv.

I took some really cute pictures of the kids today, but as I said yesterday- no proper photos till Kenny is back with the computer!

More tomorrow!


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3 Responses to Tea for Two (plus 3)

  1. siv nordmo says:

    Så hyggelig at dere har hatt besøk. Flott bord 🙂

  2. I love the china, I love the cutlery and I love the cakes!

    • thank you Lorna! just popped over to your blog, and I LOVE the scones, made me so hungry for scones I just about feel like baking, but only just.. might just have to do it tomorrow though!!

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